Podcast 2006.16: News for September 17th, 2006, getting Dugg, new podcast software, and a few other things…

Podcast 2006.16: News for September 17th, 2006, getting Dugg, using some new podcast software, and a few other things…

Today, we take a look at the news throughout the blogosphere and world of technology. We also discuss Being Dugg and using Apple’s Soundtrack program.

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And now, on with the show. Notes after the jump….


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    Do I see in my crystal ball a Blog Herald video podcast down the road?

    So you were stuck with your wife down in the basement at 1am in the morning, eh! ;-)

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    We had a tornado pass within about 1/2 mile of our house 2 months ago. Very scary, even though it was 1/2 mile away it was able to knock down several trees in our yard and a shit-load of branches.

    My wife and daughter spent the time in a bathroom covered up with pillows.

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for picking us up in your blog. Please allow me to clarify a couple of comments about FriendsForFamilies.com. Our site was not built just to provide a place for families who have a hard time finding friends. It’s about using technology and the Internet to enhance the ability to find GOOD friends for every family in the community. There is a difference in “meeting your neighbor” and finding friends that you end up having great relationships with your entire life. We’re trying to give families the ability to “narrow down the field” and find families that match up well with their own families and have similar interests/goals/beliefs, etc..

    We hear stories all the time about people meeting other people, trying to establish a relationship with them and then discovering a month or two later that they don’t really have anything in common with that person. We want to enhance the process of establishing these life-long friendships for families by letting them establish significant common ground before they ever meet. This makes families a lot more efficient in finding good friendships in their communities. Hopefully that makes sense.

    John McAuley, CEO