I have a hangover, I’m sorry … so here’s some quickbits

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

Sorry friends, foes, cronies and inmates of the b’sphere asylum – I have a vicious hangover today, right now and last night. You can read my excuse here…

So instead I’ll do a quick scribble of what caught my attention this week …

Citizen journalism at its best…

A big slap on the back to Chartreuse, Loren and the gang that did their thing in New Orleans and are now showcasing the videos they’ve came back with. Check out New Orleans – The People Speak and Interview With Pres Kabacoff for some top quality insight into New Orleans today. This is citizen journalism/documentary making that I like and wish to see often on a range of issues. They have more videos coming.

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Mr Pompus keeps on keeping on …

The pompus snob himself, John “we’re not a blog network, really” Syntagmata-whatever keeps galloping away on his high horse about all things blog networks and how we’re (us bloggers) all second-rate stringers to the mainstream. But that’s only when he finds the time after having to take down swiped images from his blog, sorry, web network magazine, webmag, WebNetMag, and any other hack job on a play of words I can muster up … as well as seemingly censoring (ie: deleting) comments that doesn’t agree with him. I’d link but I don’t feel like it. :-)

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The crowd goes wild at ProBlogger…

Mr ProBlogger himself, Darren Rowse, hits another home run (in Australia that would be called smashing a Gilly six over long on) with his group writing project – this time about “How-to’s”. There’s some decent prizes and already 230+ entries. Take a looksee…

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One shit hot blog designer…

And finally, Michael D. Pollock – the former owner and blogger at SmallBusinessBranding.com which he sold to Aussie Yaro Starak earlier this year is back with a vengence – this time as one shit-hot blog designer over at solostream webstudio. He does the occasional podcast, gives away some themes and writes some nifty tutorials and blog posts. His design work so far has been outstanding and I think he is one of the folks out there ready and willing to take WordPress design and layout to the next level. One to watch.

And that’s all folks from your gonzo columnist for this week – I promise next weeks column will be totally focused on one issue – or … do you folks like this style of short, snappy opinion pieces within the one column? Let me know.

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    Martin, if you’re calling a guy out for what he’s apparently written on his website/blog/magazine, and you actually want us to care about it (which I’m assuming you do, since you bothered to write about it,) it would probably be a good idea to post a link – otherwise we’re all just in the dark.

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    Thanks Thord :)

    I do know who he means, but I don’t know which actual site he’s talking about (Syntagma has many,) or which post in particular. I just think if you’re going to bad mouth someone in a highly public forum you should provide the evidence explicitely.

    That’s just my take, but otherwise it seems really childish to talk smack and not provide the proof… that doesn’t mean the proof’s not there, but if it is I’d like to see it with my own eyes.

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    Cary – here’s the plot in a quick summation:

    John over at Syntagman Media used to run a blog network till just recently. He’s decided to break away from the pack and wash his hands of all (most) things blog networks.

    He’s doing this by calling himself a “web network magazine”. It appears to make himself believe it or to get the point across with a sledgehammer he has written numerous posts and many, many comments around town basically saying how crap blog networks are what hels doing is the way to go and so on.

    It dawned on me, and others, that this was simply an elitist, chip-on-the-shoulder mindset he’s gotten himself in – all of a sudden BANG! he’s upped his nose at the blogosphere.

    The calling out is because he was badgerig his message everywhere and to everyone – even when no one really asked. It became tiring.

    I had a go at him last week
    in my column – here
    . I just wanted to call him out for some offensive comments he made regarding another issue and I just merged the two together rather than doing two posts on him – which was the initial plan.

    His site is syntagmamedia.com – most of his recent posts reveal his thinking on blog networks.

    When you write a column like this you usually are quite opinionated and usually you continue on an issue over time, hence for the many in the know on what’s going on I just had a small swipe at him because I read some more rubbish over there.

    The “stringers” comment …
    The mainstream provides the journalists, editors and publishers; blogs etc. provide the stringers.

    I’d suggest you head on over this blog network and have a read of hist last 10 or so posts and let me know what you think.

    The image swiping is a non issue now, because he was forced to take it down.

    Thord – Yeah, I know I’m writing for our readers but I guess we gotta think about those coming in half way or new readers – it’s a fine line because how much do you go over it all again and bore the regulars without alientating new readers. I guess I’ll have to work on it.

    Note: anyway all this doesn’t matter anymore – because in his latest post it appears he’s finally said goodbye to us all (finally) – lets hope he sticks to his word. I have my doubts.

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    Ah man, don’t you hate comments in moderation. I just finished replying in-depth to Cary here and up pops a handful of previous comments.

    John I describe my articles as posts – there’s no chip here about calling it what it is: blogging – it can be “top flight journalism”, it can be rants, it can be opinionated. It’s what readers read and keep on reading. Why does it all have to be “top flight” wiith you – you’re elistist self is showing again, John.

    Michael – HeHe. No probs. I expect a discount one day on a blog design. :)

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    The image swiping is a non issue now, because he was forced to take it down.

    The moral of that part of this story is don’t use content that you don’t have the proper licensing or permission to use.

    But I’ve been saying that for years.


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    The image was of a podcast rig with full attribution to The Blog Herald. American law states that if you take content down as soon as requested, it’s not illegal. I responded to your email immediately, as you know.

    So your columnist’s accusation of “stealing”, “swiping” etc is simply not true. Its a shame you’ve allowed the quality of The Blog Herald to fall so far. It was beginning to go along nicely.

  7. says

    The image was of a podcast rig with full attribution to The Blog Herald. American law states that if you take content down as soon as requested, it’s not illegal. I responded to your email immediately, as you know.

    You know, I wasn’t going to post about this publicly. But your concept of United States copyright law is so far off the mark – and incorrect – and blatently wrong – that now I am going to.

    Attribution doesn’t make it legal.

    Did you have permission? No.

    Did you have a license to post the picture? No.

    Did this fall under the fair use exemption? No.

    I suggest that you consult with a lawyer before you make unfounded comments and generalizations about copyright law.


  8. says

    Gee John, you’re a laugh a minute and thin skinned as hell.

    First you come back with that “Top Flight journalism” rubbish (Oooh, that hurt) and now this – “your columnist’s accusation” – and it’s funny you putting stealing in quotes when I never used that word – but then, who cares about the facts, eh ;)

    What happened to your good-bye post? That didn’t last long. Not really surprised.

    Listen John and listen good – you are a f*cking moron, a pompus elitist twit of a w*nker and an idiot to boot (that’s my personal opinion of you, not THB or Matts … but me, myself and I) – and you’re only doing this because you got caught out swiping an image from TBH and placing it on your site without permission.

    You did copy an image direct from this blog and placed it in a post of yours without permission? Is that right? When can agree on that, right!

    When YOU use the word “stealing” that says more about the way you see it.

    If you have any issues with “this” columnist and what he has written then email me direct.

    To other readers: apologies for the language and tone.

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    Can you state, hand on heart, that every image on the Blog Herald has full copyright permission? If so, you would be in a minority of 1% in the internet.

    And it’s pure humbug to accuse me in that case.

  10. says

    First, I note that the image is still being hosted on your server at this URL:


    Second, in response to your question:

    Can you state, hand on heart, that every image on the Blog Herald has full copyright permission? If so, you would be in a minority of 1% in the internet.

    Anything that I have posted has been in full compliance with US and international copyright laws.

    My feelings about copyright are well documented. In fact, they were the subject of a post here at The Blog Herald recently.

    Short version: If it’s not yours, and you don’t have permission to publish it, don’t.


  11. says

    You have used an image belonging to Syntagma Media without permission and in breach of our copyright on your sister site, Blog Network Watch.

    As I explained via email – I removed this image as a courtesy – however, I am confident that this usage falls under the fair use exemption of the copyright laws in the United States.

    I do believe that you need to take some time to become educated about those copyright laws.