Last chance to join 9rules this year (will they break the 1000 entries mark?)

Scrivs tells the world that it’€™s time for 9rules submissions round 5 on the official blog. The doors to the 9rules kingdom of glory and fame open up on October 25 12:00 am Eastern Time and closes 24 hours later.

Want to join? Well, you better be good ‘€“ apparently round 4 got over 700 entries which I’€™d call a whopping turnout.

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  1. says

    Sure they will break it ;) We launch french 2.0 in the next week on a similar 9rules model. We hope to receive a lot of quality blogs. More information on the blog. Sorry it’s only in french ! If you want so more detail on this project you can contact me be mail. tx

  2. says

    Clever economics, by creating scarcity they drive up demand. I see they still don’t give a rats about the rest of the world though: 12:00am Eastern Time what? Australian Eastern Standard time? They should change the logo to the stars and stripes :-)