What Are Facebook Users Upset About This Time?

Facebook, an online social network popular amongst college students and businesses, is planning on opening its doors towards to the rest of the world by allowing users to connect based upon where they live.

(The Independent Florida Alligator) Facebook confirmed the plans to allow users with any e-mail address to join regional networks on Monday. Restrictions will keep users from viewing profiles in other networks the same way a UF student is restricted from the Florida State University network.

Facebook was planning on opening last week, but decided to delay the opening after users were upset about the company introducing news feeds within the site.

Members inside Facebook are already complaining about the future decision, desiring to keep Facebook “a college crowd” in order to avoid the vain babbling that is often seen on MySpace.
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CBS Decides Against Buying Out Facebook, YouTube?

The chief executive of CBS has apparently ruled out buying Facebook and YouTube, citing the price tag as the main reason for not purchasing either of these social networks.

(MSNBC) Mr Moonves said social networking was an important phenomenon and CBS had looked at Facebook and YouTube, “but we’re not going to buy them”. […]

He questioned the valuations that have been mooted for the two young companies, asking: “Is YouTube worth $1bn today? Maybe, but it’s a lot of money. Is Facebook worth hundreds of millions of dollars? We’re looking at all these things.”

YouTube is one of the hottest video sites online, and it probably comes to no surprise that CBS was interested in purchasing them as they would provide the TV network with a new medium to reach the youth culture.

Apparently CBS does not have the funds for buying out YouTube (or rather justifying the purchase) but if Mr. Moonves does not act while the price is affordable, he may later on regret his decision if Yahoo or NBC decides to add YouTube to their online arsenals.

Avoid bloggers’ back (that’s pain in the back from sitting too long working on the computer)

Most bloggers do their work sitting down, in front of a computer. It’€™s kind of hard not to, since blogging from a mobile phone sure has its disadvantages, and walking at the same time as you’€™re writing on your laptop is something even women will have hard to master. At least if they want to stay alive in traffic.

So we’€™re sitting down a lot, and that takes its toll on your body. The back is a constant problem for many desk-bound users among other things. There’€™s an article on how to avoid these nuisances over at journalism.co.uk with tips that most of us probably should take heart.

I’m told it works for bloggers’ back as well.

Engadget re-launches with updated design and new features

David wrote about Engadget being up to something yesterday, and here it is. An updated (somewhat dynamic) design and a bunch of new features went online only a short while ago.

Besides the actual layout, which is wide and possible to make even wider if you’€™ve got the space on your screen, you get a beefed commenting functionality. Lots of fixes there. Also, new feeds and pimpage of Engadget Mobile. Read about the whole thing in the launch post.

Head over and take a look. I’€™m not sure if I think the layout is such an improvement but maybe that’€™s just me?

Ad Network CrispAds up for sale on ebay

CrispAds Logo

Following in the footsteps of Web 2.0 startup Kiko, CrispAds has put itself up for sale on eBay. The initial asking price is $90,000. As of this writing, the ad network has not yet received any bids.

CrispAds Logo

CrispAds appears to have decent ad volume and capabilities. They served over 145m impressions in their entertainment category last month and a further 118m impressions in their technology category.

What the posting on eBay doesn’t disclose is sales, revenue, margin, and profitibility, although there are some hints about the margin rate further down in the auction posting.

Kiko, of course, sold for around $250,000 – but the bidding only picked up towards the end of the auction. The CrispAds auction ends on September 24th.