37 Signals “Getting Real” Now Free (Online, that is)

Filed as News on October 26, 2006 9:38 am

“Getting Real”, a series of essays on developing, implementing and improving web applications is now free to read over the web.  Initially sold for $19, 37Signals, darlings of web2.0 development, sold over 20 000 copies and is now making a move to distribute their works in a different way.

But 23,000 readers isn’€™t enough. We want millions of people to read the book. So today we introduce two new flavors that make the content even more accessible. And, in one case, completely free.

Those two new ways include the free version that can be found here, and a glossy 190 page book format through Lulu.  I guess there’s no excuse to drink deeply and heavily from the 37Signals kool-aid now!

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