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Uncommon Business writes about flipping websites and shares some good advice on improving and reselling web properties:

Last August, Jones paid $1,000 to buy 411Hype.com, a website about all things hip-hop. He beefed it up–added some forums about fitness and health, for example–and managed to boost traffic by a couple thousand unique visitors, to 7,000 a month. Then, in late March, Jones put the site up for sale on a marketplace called SitePoint. He was bombarded with offers, quickly closing a deal for about $13,500. “I spent less than an hour a day on the site,” Jones says.

Along the same lines, Blog Herald columnist David Krug has penned a similar post about flipping sites:

If you have a second job like most folks out their you need to set realistic goals as far as how fast you can build a site. Work on your new site a few hours a week at first until you break the learning threshhold for building sites. Make lists and set deadlines.

Anyone have other site flipping experiences?


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