Indiana PhD Candidate visited by FBI for coding airline ticket creator

A PhD Candidate at my own alma mater has been served with a search warrant for his role in disclosing a major hole in airline security.

His crime? He coded a php script that created a fake Northwest airlines boarding pass.

The search warrant: Page 1, Page 2.

Northwest Airlines still feels that the system is secure. Then again, they’re bankrupt already…

Other coverage: Boing Boing, Slashdot, His blog

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WordPress v2.0.5 is out. Upgrade now

Michael Arrington shares his Carsdirect experience. As someone who only buys a car every 8 years or so – I absolutely hate car dealers. With a major passion…

Jason Calacanis shares an email interview with a journalist about blogging and various business models.

Darren Rowse talks about having realisitic expectations when setting out to be a problogger.

Phishing For MySpace (Don’t You Feel Gullible?)

It appears as if the social network king is under attack from within. Phishers, best known for harvesting your ID for financial gain, found yet another way to dupe users into revealing their login ID–and this time without “leaving” MySpace’s domain.

(Netcraft News) Netcraft has discovered that the social networking site, MySpace, appears to have been compromised by phishers who have presented a spoof login form on the main site. This modified login form is designed to submit the victim’s username and password to a remote server hosted in France. […]

Because the fraudulent login page is hosted on MySpace’s own servers and does not exhibit any signs of external content, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) or open redirects, it is convincing and even security-conscious users are at risk of becoming victims.

The Phishers of men (and women) created a “specially-crafted HTML” page on their profile which basically made it appear that a user had to re-login to MySpace, giving up your goodies to those with less than honest motives.

MySpace has since then taken down the page, but has not (to my knowledge) released a briefing regarding this attack. Millions of teenagers and adults use MySpace for personal and business reasons, but hopefully next time they visit their friends profile they will be more careful where they click.

Picking up internet news fast!

Ben Miller takes a look at how to pickup on internet news quickly – his choices range from Blogpulse’s popular links to live feeds from digg, reddit, and

My own sources include many of these – as well as technorati custom searches for key terms, monitoring digg’s RSS feeds, as well as those of and others.. and a ton of RSS based keyword searches at several web 2.0 services…

Hat/Tip: Tony’s Deep Jive Interests.

DOD launches blog-like rebuttals to articles & editorials

The US Department of Defense has launched a blog-like site that is being used to rebutt articles and editorials that contain factual inaccuracies about defense activities.

It looks and feels like a blog in terms of format and update – but clearly isn’t a blog since it does not allow comments or trackbacks… but it is an interesting application of the internet – and one that is likely long overdue for the defense establishment. The mainstream media often gets the facts wrong when it comes to military personnel and operations.

Officer YouTube, Well Done!

Some people might say the Internet Sucks — in part because of the rampant crime related to stalking and the like. Well, to that, I point out a humble article from the Guardian. The British tendency to video tape everything now extends to the common man and his video phone, and has resulted in catching some young whippersnapper hooligan, in a particularly low blow who must be lower than a snakes belly in a submarine shit house , snatching the glasses off a charity worker, probably thinking he was having a good laugh taking a piss.

Luckily, the story has a decent out come ends lovely jubbly. The police figured out what was wrong had gone trotters up, and they were able to use the video in finding and apprehending the young hooligan. He must have been a little shocked hit for six at how YouTube was used. How’s that for “internet teh sucks!”

[British Idiom supplied by Wikipedia]
PS. If you are as equally horrified at how I butchered the British Idiom, of course you may voice your outrage below

Pluck Not Plucky Enough; Likely First of Many RSS Readers to Fall.

Pluck the consumer RSS reader, is shuttering its doors as of January 2007.

All versions of Pluck’s RSS readers for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Pluck’s web edition will be discontinued on 1/5/2007. The RSS Readers have served our community of end users well for several years, but with Pluck’s focus in other business areas, the venerable RSS readers are set to be retired from our product line.

This likely hails the end of fee based RSS readers.  I’ve got to side with ReadWriteWeb on this one — its really, really hard to compete with Free.  Especially when the 900 lb Gorilla who is pushing free stuff (Google Reader) has a t-shirt on that says “Google”, and (to flog a metaphor) is sitting in a jungle full of free RSS readers (Bloglines, Netvibes amongst them); and (because I can’t resist flogging a metaphor to death) of course, King Kong has just entered the fray with a bandana that says “Microsoft” (Internet Explorer 7 supports RSS feeds and, of course, is also free).

Google Bringing Metrics Know-How to Madison Ave.

Looks like Google is looking to expand far beyond its Adwords roots into the boardrooms of Madison Avenue.  And its taking the spirit of on-line metrics and applying it to other kinds of on-line advertising not usually available to mom-and-pop online stores. A Washington Post article today examines an example of Google is working with ComScore with a Volvo as its client to not only create online campaigns, but track it in novel ways.

For example, people who visited the site this summer were shown an image of a Volvo sport-utility vehicle advertising the car for lease at $389 a month. ComScore placed “cookies,” or tracing files, on the computers of visitors and tracked how many typed the word “Volvo” or “Volvo SUV” into a search box weeks or months later. During the Web campaign for the Volvo’s XC90, Google said 39 percent of Internet users who were exposed to the ads later conducted online searches for Volvo cars.

In spite of all the press with the YouTube acquisition, it looks like Google is still busy working on generating ad-revenue in new ways, but in the way it knows how: taking guesswork out of the equation by doing a careful analysis of the numbers.

More on Ze vs Rocketboom

This is the mess that just won’t die..

At TechCrunch, Marshall Kirkpatrick takes an indepth look at the issue.

Businessweek’s Heather Green also weighs in.

I just want to watch Ze’s show.. while some of the comments raised about how to appropriately measure a videoblog – and how one assigns a value to the contributions of a community (such as Ze’s).. in the end, this still smells like a pissing match between two highly successful vidbloggers….