Marshall Kirkpatrick leaves TechCrunch, shares secrets

Marshall Kirkpatrick has been the editor over at TechCrunch for the last six months, but now leaves to do consultant work and such. It sure doesn’€™t seem to be any hard feelings between Marshall and Mike Arrington, they only have nice things to say about each other.

Natali Del Conte is replacing Marshall by the way. Check out the CrunchNotes post for a brief introduction.

Anyway, when leaving TechCrunch, Marshall has decided to share his secrets for obtaining good news leads. While it sounds big and powerful, it’€™s basically just his techniques for reading RSS feeds, but still it’€™s worth a read if you want to know how he kept up to date with the news.


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    You know .. that’s the first time I ever heard of that Original Signal site … (should I be embarrassed about my lack of web-2.0’ism?) I probably have 75% of those feeds individually in my Bloglines anyway.. but I rarely read them unless I’m really bored or extremely caught up. So yes .. I snagged a few group RSS feeds from there ..