Use Blogging To Make Sure Justice Is Served

Jackie Danicki, who is a 29 year old American blogger living in London was recently assaulted. What did she do in response? She quickly snapped a photo of the fellow and blogged about the incident. If you live in London and are reading this, you maybe able to help Jackie out and make this world a better place by looking at a picture of the attacker over here.

If you know who this POS is, please contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40. The assault took place on the southbound Bakerloo line platform at Baker Street, and the abuse continued from there to Piccadilly Circus.

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  1. […] Although I wouldn’t advise you to click your assaulter while he or she is assaulting you (because you should be saving yourself at that moment), Jackie Danicki did exactly this. She clicked the photograph of her assaulter and published it on her blog. I got the link to Jackie’s post from this Blog Heral post. What a courageous woman she is! All my sympathies and admiration go to her and it’s sad she had to go through all this; and on top of that she is not even entitled to protect herself — she says on her blog that you’re not even allowed to carry a pepper spray with you. Well, this is silly. […]