Last Chance To Win $200

We’ve had a great response to our post announcing our seasonal gift of $200 and a year’s link from the Blog Herald- to a deserving blog.

Last chance to enter or propose a blog is tonight, midnight– Pacific Standard Time.

The winner will be announced on January 2nd, after we have researched all the entries tomorrow and cast our respective votes.

Here is wishing all who have entered the best of luck, and to everyone- a very Happy New Year and Prosperous 2007!!

Bells and Whistles On Your Blog – A Good Idea?

Matt Mullenweg recently announced over at that the service will be integrating the Snap Preview Anywhere plugin on some of its sites.

On a limited number of blogs, about 10% we’€™re testing out a plugin that allows you to have Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA for short) enabled on your blog. SPA is a little widget that shows people a preview of the page on the other end of a link when they hover over it for a few seconds.

The Snap Preview is like a tooltip that displays a thumbnail of a linked webpage once you hover your cursor over the link. While some would consider this enhancement to be useful, others see it as an annoyance. I, for one, would rather not have added bells and whistles on my blog in general. I prefer to keep a clean interface–one that’s focused on accessibility and usability (with the limited design skills I have).

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Welcoming Aileen Thompson!

It is our great pleasure to welcome to the Blog Herald another bi-weekly columnist: Aileen Thompson. Aileen will be our specialist “science blogger” bringing us all the latest news and analysis from the world of scientific blogging.

Aileen has more than a quarter century of experience in print media, having made the transitions from lead type to computer photo-typesetting to “user friendly” when Apple took over the industry in the early 1980s. She has been a graphic artist and reporter, editor and writer for newspapers, newsletters, magazines and special events periodicals in several states. [Read more…]

The Wonderful World of Science Blogging


It takes a fast mind and quick clicking finger just to keep up with the onrush of interesting, informative blogs these days.

My interests include science, and there are a host of blogs out there talking about amazing phenomena and fantastic discoveries enough to satisfy the most voracious curiosity. Many of them are written by real, honest-to-goodness scientists, making science blogs one of the most fun ways to keep up with research. Even better, the added attraction of commentary to the blogs allows both direct interaction with the scientist and sometimes a rare glimpse into how conclusions can often be hotly debated within the scientific community itself.

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Introducing Chris Clarke!

The Blog Herald is proud to announce the latter half of our PR covering duo, Chris Clarke! Chris does a good job of introducing himself over at his first post, but to add a little bit of flavour, Chris is a professional within the public relations community, and currently works at Thornley Fallis Communications, where he began in June of 2006. He has made appearances at some of the industry’s premier podcasts, such as Across the Sound and For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.

Every second week Chris will be bringing his own insights to where public relations intersects with social media, and his own experiences as a professional within this rapidly changing industry.

Welcome aboard Chris!

The Network Blogger’s Dilemma: Where to Post

Blogging for a blog network–or even multiple networks–can be confusing, especially if you have a lot of blogs to write on. Sometimes you start a draft on one blog, and end up posting it on another blog. Sometimes you start writing about one topic, and end up completely overhauling your line of thought! Sometimes you even get to neglect your own personal blog.

Here’s a bit of insight from my own experience as a network blogger. [Read more…]

Is Your Password Secure?

Several weeks ago, a phishing attack on popular social networking site managed to harvest thousands of actual usernames and passwords. These users were tricked into entering their account details in a hosted user page that was intentionally designed to appear like a legitimate MySpace login page. Since the page’s URL was within the domain, even net–savvy users were caught unaware of the attack.

Are our passwords ever safe? [Read more…]