BlogHerald FeedBurner Feed Now Working

Folks checking new Blog Herald updates only via RSS (and not on the site itself) may be wondering where the heck we’ve been the past few days. It turns out our FeedBurner feed was displaying a “feed content not available” error. In the course of our transferring to our new servers the .htaccess file was reverted to the WordPress default. This made the FeedBurner redirect plugin unable to deliver the RSS feed when FeedBurner tries to get content.

If you’re subscribed using the direct URL, though, it’s very likely that you’re not having any problems with reading the Blog Herald feed.

Thanks to Matt for pointing out the problem. I hope nothing else is broken.


  1. says

    Hi Tony,

    Shall await the developments. Can see that a lot of changes have to be made since the changeover. Would be great to get a better About page and a Contact page as well.