Derek van Vliet Joins The Blog Herald!

Today, Derek van Vliet joins the Blog Herald as one of its new weekly columnists. Derek is an Ontario native who has been programming for most of his life. In the last year he has been active in social news, and in particular, social bookmarking. Derek will be sharing his thoughts in this new and topical area of social media.

But Derek’s more than just an ordinary fan of social bookmarking.

He is a top 10-ranked user on Digg where he goes by the name BloodJunkie. He is also a professional social bookmarker (aka Navigator) on Netscape, where he goes by the name Neophile, and blogs independently at With feet in both camps at the most talked about social bookmarking sites, Derek is no stranger to discussing Digg or Netscape (or Reddit, for that matter!), and he has even been interviewed by mainstream media such as Wired magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Today Mr. van Vliet’s inaugural article is on Digg’s new update, and breaks down some of the new features that have been rolled out … and which ones haven’t.

Welcome to the Blog Herald, Derek — glad to have you aboard!



  1. […] I’m happy to announce that I have taken a position as a weekly contributor to The Blog Herald. I will be covering the same scope of topics that I have written about here (social bookmarking, social news, etc.). For my first column, I have reviewed the recent changes to Digg. Stay tuned for more. […]