Introducing Micah Sparacio (And Friends!)

The Blog Herald is proud to announce that that Micah Sparacio will be joining its stable of regular bloggers. Micah is a philosophy teacher (and student) at Temple University, currently working on his dissertation in philosophy of mind, currently entitled “Making up the Mind: Understanding the realization relation between mind and matter”, and will bring an academic focus to the Blog Herald.

His posts will involve examining how new media is being used at higher levels of learning, and will involve both columns and interviews here at the Blog Herald. From time to time, Micah will be getting some of his friends and colleagues involved as well to help out and provide even more perspective on things.

Micah also owns and runs several blogs, including with the help of many friends through his company SeaWaves Technology.

Today, for example, Micah looks at using Blogs to Teach, with help from his good friend Abe Witonsky.

Welcome Micah! It’ll be great to have an Academic in the family. ;)


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    I’m really, really pleased that Micah is on board. I have known him for a few years now and he brings to the table much more than just an academic perspective!!

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    Tony- talking of “blogging etiquette”- what is the correct thing to do re: the author list here on BH? It’s getting awfully long and will get longer- would it be a faux pas to put the posts of the some of the older writers under “editor”?

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    I’ve been an admirer of Micah’s work for more than two years and am really excited to see him blogging here. Congrats, Micah!