Canuck Cops Use YouTube Video To Catch Criminal

After a young man was killed after a local concert, Canadian cops decided to do some crime-fighting “2.0 style”.  They posted up security videos showing a man who was wanted for questioning up on YouTube.  Sure enough, over 30 000 views later, the suspect turned himself in, and was subsequently charged with manslaughter, and attempted murder of another individual.  Its not entirely clear whether or not the suspect was found identified by the YouTube video, leading to a tip and then an arrest; or, whether or not, the suspect had watched the video, then turned himself in for fear that someone would turn him in.

Yes sir, if YouTube can be used for whistleblowing against the government, bullying your teachers, and getting a job for a “real” media company, why not for crimefighting?  Why have a COPS style production when you can disintermediate televison altogether?  Clearly this is just another example of online video sneaking its way into meatspace where it is beginning to carve yet another niche for itself.  And if it leads to more arrests to unsolved cases by allowing people to view things anonymously, or, apply more pressure on suspected individuals — then, I say, its about time!