Wikipedia founder’s new search engine

Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of Wikipedia has been reported to launch a new search engine which could rival Google and Yahoo!

Jimmy Wales told The Times of London his search engine, planned to launch with, will use the same user-based technology as Wikipedia. The commercial version of the search engine will be developed through San Mateo, Calif.-based Wikia Inc., with a provisional launch planned for the first quarter of 2007, he said. {source}

Earlier this year Wales said he secured multimillion-dollar funding from and a separate cash infusion from a group of Silicon Valley financiers to finance Wikia projects.

The new search engine, dubbed, has been registered way back in November 2004 so it’s possible Wales have been planning this for years now.

Wales added that he wants to use the same network concept of the Wikipedia and free software to create the new search engine.

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  1. says

    Competing against Google in search is impossible at this point. And I really doubt Wikiasari has what it takes to compete. How many search engines have survived against Google’s market share.

    Check out Amazon’s own Google competitor search engine

    Wikipedia wouldnt do much better either.

    So why companies think they can compete is stupid. You cant compete you can only compliment.