PayPerPost Gobbles Up

With the major internet players deciding to hide their goodies until next year, it seems that a minor (yet controversial) company has “gobbled up” one of my favorite advertising companies,

(PayPerPost Press Release) PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and social networks, today announced it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire select assets of Performancing LLC, operator of, a popular Internet community site for professional bloggers. Through its purchase PayPerPost gains a number of powerful blogger support tools including Performancing Metrics, the leading, free blog analytics service, and Performancing Exchange, an online “classifieds” for bloggers.

With the addition of Performancing at its side, PayPerPost can not only gain some much needed credibility with bloggers, but also allow publishers to host ads on their site (as Google and others frown on bloggers using PayPerPost alongside their ads).

Performancing also has a fairly large pool of companies in its arsenal, although only time will tell whether or not they will be content displaying ads traditionally or favor paying bloggers to spin a product in a particular light.


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    Nick Wilson has already commented on several blogs that the ad wing of Performancing not included is in the deal, but will be rebranded. ;-)

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    Thanks for the info!

    I was wondering what was going to happen with the Ad part (as I would hate to have people suspecting that my blogs are apart of the PayPerPost network as I do mention products on one of them).


  1. […] December 29th, 2006 Tal cual se comenta en varios blogs, parte de los servicios de Performancing fueron comprados por PayPerPost. Si bien la compra no fue total – sólo se desprendieron de Performance Metrics y Performancing Exchange, quedando afuera la red de publicidad Performancing Partners y PFF, el editor de blogs para Firefox – intuyo que el acceso a la información personal de PayPerPost es total, lo que me pone un poco la piel de gallina. […]

  2. […] Software Jan 5 at 2:14 am by Darnell Clayton -Digg itAfter previously courting each other, it looks as if the date between PayPerPost and Performancingis officially over. Ironically PayPerPost was really looking forward to purchasing the metrics package from Performancing, but after the latter’s kids started screaming over how ugly and evil PayPerPost was, the date began heading south (very fast). ( Blog) After much discussion, we’ve decided that the deal proposed by PayPerPost just isnt [sic] right for us or our community. It’s regrettable that we should part ways as I still feel that Dan and Ted are stand up guys breaking new ground, but in the end, the deal was just not right for them or us. […]