2006: The Year of YouTube?

It seemed like YouTube dominated the year’s topics like no other (and would be a far more appropriate “person of the year”, but I digress), and we sure posted our own share of YouTube related news on this site. But, if you’d like a summary of just how transforming YouTube, and the phenomena of online video, has been over the past year, head over to a post over at the ABC blog (yes, first CBS, now ABC — I point out news wherever I can find it) which details a report on the upcoming 20/20 show this friday. [Read more…]

From the Real World to the Real World In the Company of Bloggers


When I came to blogging, I was from publishing. I had the skill set. I thought having a blog would a perfect place to keep up my discipline as a writer. Maybe at the same time, I could build a place where people might get away from cell phones in elevators. Cell phones on airplanes and in elevators bother me. The conversations they allow steal my brain space and make me invisible while someone talks about a cat named, “Fluffy”,that I can’t bring myself to care about.
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Taiwan Earthquake Disrupts Internet and Telecoms Connectivity in Parts of Asia


Mother nature sure has its ways of showing us who is boss. Even with all the technological advances we have come up with in the course of human history, it only takes one calamity–or force majeure as some would put it–to bring us back to the dark ages. Well, that’s putting it very bluntly. We’re not actually experiencing another ice age yet, nor has TEOTWAWKI arrived, but in some parts of Asia, we feel like the Information Age has been put on hold. [Read more…]

Death Of The User


Perhaps the most odious buzzword to emerge from the second coming of the web is “user-generated content” — my objection to this term is not just aesthetic (although it’s quite an ugly term). My real problem with user-generated content is the notion of a “user.” Rishad Tobaccowala of Denuo highlighted the unfortunate double meaning in his keynote at OMMA last fall:

User Generated Content: Since when did I become a heroin addict?


Treat me as a person, not some user, consumer, addict, shallow person defined by your brand or some other form of low life.

Worse than the negative word association is that the use of the term “user” in a media 2.0 context has completely obfuscated what is actually happening in media. [Read more…]

Introducing Lance Weiler!

I am proud to announce yet another new columnist at the Blog Herald, Lance Weiler! Lance will be joining our family as a biweekly columnist focusing on all things digital media, particularly how it relates to social media, blogging, and social networks. So, where does Lance get the chops to write about this kind of stuff?

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Create your own video network with vod:pod


I am a filmmaker by trade and after making two feature films, I have come to value the social interaction that can be found at a film festival. There is a sense of discovery and discussion that surrounds films during a festival, and I often find myself searching for simple ways to bring a sense of community to the video I place online.

vod:pod is a video community site that allows users to create pods, so they can collect, discuss and share videos with their family and friends.

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Blog To Share

Bloggers are into blogging for a variety of reasons. Most of the very first used their blogs as personal journals, until it grew into an extension of their professional practice. Web designers and open source hackers immediately come to mind. Niche blogs on specific interests and discussions are some of the more recent uses of this medium, now frequently tied up with other advanced technologies.

But what has always been common in almost all weblogs? [Read more…]

The New Digital Divide

The increasingly wide coverage of broadband today may be viewed by some to have bridged the digital divide, particularly in North America. For instance, broadband penetration in the United States is already above 75%, according to a study cited by MSNBC. However, as Steve Rubel puts it, there is a new digital divide, and that’s between the people actively publishing their own content thru new media, and those who are still passive about it.

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