Social Bookmarking 2006 – A Year In Review


It was a breakthrough year for social bookmarking. Several big new players burst on the scene. Participation in social bookmarking sites exploded. Social news sites got their foot in the door of the most mainstream news sites on the web. Social bookmarkers saw green in a variety of ways. Controversies abounded more frequently within communities as the year went by.
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Introducing Amit Agarwal!

And, just in time for Christmas, the Blog Herald is very proud to announce another writer joining our team- one of the biggest bloggers out there, Amit Agarwal.

Amit’s blog, Digital Inspirations is a virtual juggernaut in traffic, and is one of the most popular blogs not just in India, but the whole world.

At his blog, Amit serves up piping hot productivity tips every day on a smorgasbord of topics, ranging from “Dealing With Plagiarism Online”, to “Google Alerts — An Advanced Tutorial”, to “How to Add Language Translation Flags To Your Site”. [Read more…]

Microsoft PhotoStory – The Best Windows Software You’re Not Using


How do you share digital photographs with your friends and family members ? Upload them to Flickr (or any other photo sharing website) or burn them on a CD / DVD for sharing with contacts who don’t have internet access or a computer.

That may not always be the best approach as people (your audience) often lose interest in photo slideshows when they get long or boring.
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A Time of Giving

This season is a time of giving and we at the Blog Herald would like to celebrate the holidays with a small gift of our own.

After the New Year, we will be giving $200 USD to a blog that needs some financial help, as well as a link on our blogroll for the whole of 2007.

The criteria for the winning blog is only that it should be helping to make our world a better place. This can be achieved in many different ways, from increasing our awareness as a society, being a symbol of hope through example or more obvious ways- such as fundraising or research.

To recommend a blog or to apply, please leave a comment or email us before midnight, PST, Dec. 31st: editor[at]

Trimming Down the Author List

The Blog Herald has changed ownership a couple of times, and with each change of hands, a new set of editors, columnists and contributors comes in. You can therefore expect the list of authors to be quite long–in fact, it was becoming longer than any item on the blog’s footer. We therefore decided to trim down the list to the current set of contributors. This includes new ones, those who stayed on from the previous batch, as well as previous editors Matt and Duncan.

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Blogging Rising Amongst Elderly. Proper Grammar, Spelling, a Shock To Blogosphere

In a very interesting poll done by Ipsos, there is a slow by significant trend to older individuals taking up blogging. In an article posted by South African news service , there are examples of groups of seniors blogging from old age homes, seniors vlogging on YouTube, and others yet blogging from the privacy of their own homes. Perhaps Don Crowdis isn’t the only nonagenerian blogger on the planet!

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Canuck Cops Use YouTube Video To Catch Criminal

After a young man was killed after a local concert, Canadian cops decided to do some crime-fighting “2.0 style”.  They posted up security videos showing a man who was wanted for questioning up on YouTube.  Sure enough, over 30 000 views later, the suspect turned himself in, and was subsequently charged with manslaughter, and attempted murder of another individual.  [Read more…]

Introducing Ed Lee!

I am proud to announce yet another blogger to our roster. We have brought on Ed Lee to discuss the ins and outs of blogging as how it has affected the public relations industry (hint: it has, and in a large way). Ed brings his experience as a three year veteran of the public relations industry, working on campaigns in three countries (U.K., U.S.A. and Canada) for a plethora of corporate, technology and consumer clients. He is currently a senior consultant for Internet Communications at iStudio, one of Canada’€™s leading on-line communications consultancies. [Read more…]



For many bloggers, their experience of PR extends to a deep rooted distrust, borne out of reading about a company or celebrity PR masterstroke or, more likely, a PR disaster. Other bloggers may have actually witnessed the PR (flackus desperandi) in action; possibly due to a cack-handed approach made to them by the PR to get some coverage for whatever goods or services the PR is hawking that day. [Read more…]