WeblogMatrix blog comparison site launched

German IT company CosmoCode have just released WeblogMatrix, a blog platform comparison website. It’s an open system allowing visitors to compare the main features of some of the most well-known blog services and software.

There are currently ten platforms on the system: b2evolution, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, FlatPress, Jlog, Movable Type, PSG, Serendipity, Wheatblog, and WordPress. From that list I’m sure you can spot a few notable omissions (as well as plenty of more obscure ones) which is why they’re asking for volunteers to help maintain the system.

There are currently two ways of searching the system. If you’re choosing between two or more blog packages, then simply check the boxes next to them on the front page, and WeblogMatrix will bring up a table charting the main features of each.

On the other hand, if you have a required features list, you can use the search function to find only blogs that match the criteria you specify. This system appears to work well, though some of the search criteria display a text box and it’s unclear what should be entered.

There’s also a forum, currently empty, that can be used for talking about the WeblogMatrix site itself, as well as blogging platforms in general.

The system looks like it could be promising, particularly when more platforms are added in. CosmoCode also run comparison sites for wikis, forums, and podcatchers, all of which have more platforms and comparison features such as a ‘choice wizard’.

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  1. says

    It’s a great comparison tool, but it seems to be out of date.

    Just looking at Blogger’s features alone, you can see it is comparing the old (and dying) version of blogger against it competitors (probably their older versions as well).

  2. says

    WordPress seemed to be fairly up to date (I”ll let them off for not having version 2.1 in there). I didn’t study the features of some of the others – MT is really the only other one I have decent knowledge of.

    They don’t list Typepad as a service in there, which is surprising.

  3. says

    Andi from WeblogMatrix here.

    About the up-to-date-ness, we heavily rely on expert maintainers. If you see a record with a “This record needs a maintainer” link, then you should take the data with a grain of salt, because it was entered (and researched) by us instead of a real expert (like one of the developers). Our goal is to get as many products as possible listed and maintained by experts. We achieved that for our other matrix sites already and expect it to become true for WeblogMatrix, too.

    If you are an expert for one of the maintainer-needing records, feel free to apply for being the maintainer.


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