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Filed as News on January 23, 2007 5:06 am

Google’s Custom Homepage has a new feature: Feed Excerpts.

Google’s Custom Homepage is a very easy-to-use free feed reader featuring web “desktop” accessories such as weather reports, moon phases, clocks, stock market reports and other Google Gadgets. I tend to stay away from the Google Gadgets, but I love it as a fast feed reader.

Typically, feeds are displayed as titles from any feed source you add to your Google Custom Homepage. Today, they added a small plus and time stamp to each feed title. Click on the plus sign and it expands to show the beginning excerpt of the article.

Google Custom Homepage New feed excerpt feature

This is a fabulous addition and time saver. Many bloggers, taggers, and social bookmark submitters have no clue how to write a decent title. Seeing a text excerpt helps influence the decision to click or not click.

Personally, I like using Google’s Custom Homepage. I monitor many feeds from various sources, so I like the speed of reading down title lists to see if anything jumps out at me. Instead of checking out wonderful titled posts that end up being nothing or a link to the real article, I can check the text and skip them if the content doesn’t match the title.

In turn, a quick glance at the excerpt might turn a bad title into a new discovery.

Either way, it’s a great feature.

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