Apple Compensates Bloggers For $700,000 In Legal Fees

Bloggers and online publishers scored a victory when an appeals court overturned the decision of a lower court for Apple Insider to disclose the identities of Apple, Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) insiders who served as sources who leaked information to them. The courts ruled in favor of Apple Insider, and decided that “bloggers and online journalists should be afforded the same Constitutional and state law protections as traditional journalists.”

In a recent development, Apple has paid the defendants US$ 700,000 in legal fees as ordered by a Santa Clara, California county court. [Read more…]

Serving Your Blog’s Customers: Listen


Have you checked in lately to find out how well you are serving your blog’s customers? Have you asked your readers how you are doing and what you could be doing better?

While some complain, my three years experience working with has shown me that they have open ears and an open door policy for communicating directly with its customers: the users.

I’ve watched WordPress grow and expand while still staying personal. Do WordPress developers, staff, contributors, and volunteers do everything right? Of course not. But one thing that has been at the top of the list from the very beginning is the ability to listen.

Recently, WordPress opened up their communication doors to offer two open and public places for you to add input on how you feel and what you think about . WordPress Ideas is a list to which you can add suggestions for improving WordPress. WordPress Kvetch! is open for whines, complaints, moans, and even a kind word here and there.

These got me thinking about how we bloggers get input from our readers on how we are doing.

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Microsoft Offers Blogger Money To “Fix” Wikipedia Errors?

When it comes to marketing your companies image as “good,” Microsoft seems to fail miserably within this department. It seems that Microsoft, upset about certain inaccuracies within Wikipedia, is paying blogger Rick Jelliffe to sift through and correct the “technical errors” that appear on everyone’s favorite Wiki. Is it me, or does anybody sense a potential conflict of interest here?
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Problogging is both passive & active income

Over at Problogger, Darren answers the question whether blogging for money is a passive income. Though I would generally agree in his approach to discussing the matter, I’d like to present a new angle which I was surprised Darren did not delve into considering he’s one of the founders of the b5media blog network. [Read more…]

UK’s Shiny Media secures $4.5m in funding

The UK’s Sunday Times newspaper yesterday broke the news that Shiny Media have secured US$4.5m worth of funding, thanks to Bright Station Ventures who now take a 50% stake in the company.

It sounds as if things have moved fairly quickly on this one. Though there’s an official announcement on Shiny’s blog, I believe there are still some final steps (probably including a certain amount of legalese) before the deal is completely sealed. But don’t quote me on that…

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Is Your Google Sitemap Working?

In “Spurned by Google, ignored by all”, WordPressMU guru, Donncha O’Caoimh reported that his Google PageRank and traffic has dropped appreciatively.

I don’t know if it’s connected but on Monday I noticed that my Google sitemap contained an error. [One] URL wasn’t encoded properly and threw the error. It was easily fixed but traffic hasn’t increased yet.If you use the Google Sitemap WordPress Plugin and Ultimate Tag Warrior you may also be using the plugin [Google Sitemap UTW Tag WordPress Plugin] that adds your site’s tags onto the sitemap. I installed it last weekend here and on my photoblog and didn’t notice this known issue, “Your tag name must not contain an ampersand ‘&’ – if it does, please rename tag without an ampersand – Reported by Jilly”. It’s easily fixed with a urlencode() but I disabled the plugin until traffic gets back to normal.

Would a broken sitemap cause traffic to drop so alarmingly or is it something else?

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eBay To De-List Virtual Property Auctions

Leading online auction site eBay will be de-listing all auctions for virtual properties. Slashdot breaks the news after checking with eBay media representatives.

Following up on a rumour that’s been going around I spoke today with a media representative for the company, who confirmed that eBay is now delisting all auctions for ‘virtual artifacts’ from the site. This includes currency, items, and accounts/characters; not even the ‘neopoints’ used in the popular Neopets service is exempt from this decision.

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GoogleTube: We’re sharing profits with content producers

According to Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, users who produce content for the massive online video sharing site will get a chance to share in the profits.

We are getting an audience large enough where we have an opportunity to support creativity, to foster creativity through sharing revenue with our users,” Hurley said. “So in the coming months we are going to be opening that up.

How exactly this will be executed is less clear, but speculation has been going around for some time now that Google’s acquisition of YouTube signalled the beginning of widespread ad supported video.

Hurley hopes that the revenue share program will provide incentive for users to produce better content. But if AdSense is any indicator, we’ll soon probably see a spike in spam video (spideo anyone?).


A Guide For The Introverted Blogger

Only about 25% of the population are introverts, so we’re clearly in the minority. I’m not sure how well that percentage translates into the blogosphere, but I’m sure it’s probably a bit higher because of the good fit that blogging offers for the introvert’s tendency to work in physical isolation.

What I want to do over the next few months is explore what it means to be an introverted blogger, how bloggers can use their introvert tendencies to enhance their blogging, and how to overcome the most common stumbling blocks that an introvert faces when writing material for public consumption and comment.

So what exactly is an introvert? Being an introvert involves many of the following characteristics:

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