When Content Is Not Enough

Ever wonder about why some bloggers are popular, with traffic (and maybe revenue) levels and community participation that many can only dream of? Well, for instance I’ve always thought which comes first: whether it’s the popularity of A-listers gets them lots of linklove, or whether they get to be popular in the first place bcause of tons of links from other bloggers. And I’ve always thought whether it’s in the content, the style of writing, the niche, or other factors.

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PageRank Update Part Deux – January 2007

Looks like Google’s Toolbar PageRank has been updated for a second time in January, marking a stark difference in the way Google is now conducting it’s toolbar PageRank rollouts. Sites that hadn’t been assigned PageRank in early January, are now receiving their first PR. Sites that didn’t go through any changes in the first January update are also seeing upswings and downswings this time.

Social Media At Work

A while back on my own blog, I wrote about using social media at work. It was the kind of post that I spent days writing because social media has a presence in nearly everything I do at work. I wanted to share the ways I use social media at work in public relations because the tools available are vital resources in my day-to-day affairs. Without them, I would probably be lost. For those PR practitioners not using these tools, I’d recommend spending some time learning more about them and how you can put them to use.

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It’s Catching: Blog Disease

LaDawn Clare-Panton reports she has “Blog Disease”, a virus spreading across the globe:

This disease is caused by the descent into madness caused by blogging. The symptoms of this disease should be monitored closely and are as follows:

1. You are excited when anyone visits your blog.
2. You visit random blogs hoping to get tips on how to make the blog more interesting to just about anyone.
3. You are excited when your blog visits enter double digits/day.
4. You are excited when people you don’t know visit your blog.
5. You are excited when your monthly traffic hits triple digits after only 2 months and grows each month.
6. You are excited when someone leaves a comment on your blog.
7. You are sooooo excited you giggle when someone else’s blog (my sister) links to your blog.
8. You are soooooooo excited you dance around the kitchen when someone else’s blog (that you don’t even know) links to your blog in their text and even thanks you for leaving a comment…

If you have been experiencing the same symptoms, you now have a name for it. It is the ubiquitous “Blog Disease”.

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UK Guardian investigates a very British splogger

The traditional media may only just be cottoning on to the power of blogs, but the socially-aware Guardian newspaper has tackled one of the blogosphere’s thorniest subjects – sploggers.

Of course, being written for an audience predominantly outside the world of blogging, it has to explain exactly what affiliate programs, niche web sites, spam comments, and sploggers are.

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Social Networking − What Am I Supposed to Do?

people connecting

Okay, it took me until today to figure out that . . .

I’m clueless about Social Networking. I have these communities, and belong to these networks . . . and folks I don’t know keep asking me to link to them, be their contact, become their friend.

I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Maybe it was the name that confused me. Social Networking hits me as outright redundant. Any way I look at it, or consider my experience, networking is social. Was there a possibility that we were talking about cables and machines? In the 3-D world, we call it networking, despite possible obvious ambiguities. So you might think that Social Networking would be even more social than networking. Well, you might not, but I did.

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Kikkerland Design Acquires Moleskinerie.com

Moleskinerie.com recently announced that the site has been acquired by Kikkerland Design, which is the official distributor of Moleskine notebooks in the US and Canada. To those not aware, Moleskine notebooks have gained cult status as the artist’s notebook (the notebooks are marketed as being the preferred notebook of famous writers and illustrators), and is also popular with lifehackers and GTD aficionados as an alternative to electronic PDAs. Moleskinerie, meanwhile, is a top fan blog that frequently features stories, anecdotes, photographs and other articles of interest about the notebook.

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