Google misspells itself as Googe

We bloggers often make spelling mistakes but when you see Google overlooked its Valentine’s Day logo like the one below…


… you’ll wonder if the artist was too in love or just got heart-broken to notice the misspelling.

Happy Valentines everyone! :)


  1. says

    A co-worker brought the “missing L” to my attention this morning, and I pointed out the cherry stem… It’s a stretch, but I think that’s what the Google Designers had in mind.

  2. says

    I highly doubt it’s the stem’s the L.

    Ahh… The things people do when they’re too in love or heart-broken to focus. hehehe Must be the Valentines Day air… A bank teller even gave my husband the account balance of somebody else’s bank account when he asked for his—the lady was too excited telling her colleague about her plans for the evening :D Maybe the Google artist also had a big date planned in the evening? hehe

  3. says

    It took me only one short doubletake to realize that the strawberry represents the “gl” consonant blend (or at least it was called a consonant blend, back in the Dark Ages when I had phonics class.)

  4. John says

    Here is part of the official statement of google behind their valentines logo

    “..those with true romance and poetry in their soul will see the subtlety immediately.”

    so yes the stem is the L and Abe needs romance in his life