“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” author launches new media network

Remember Lauren Elliott, author of the hugely successful “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” computer software series from way back?

He’s back and has launched Personal News Network (PNN), a new media network that allows anyone to share stories, photos, videos and opinions on the web. “All of us have stories and opinions,” said Elliott, CEO of PNN. “Sharing these ideas with each other is what matters; the tools shouldn’t be a barrier.”

Lauren had a personal reason for starting PNN. “A couple of years ago I helped my mother, Eleanor Roosevelt II, put together stories about growing up with her aunt and famous namesake — Eleanor Roosevelt. The stories she told about putting a pony in FDR’s elevator in the White House, or ER staying up until 3:00 am every evening to answer her mail, are wonderful, personal accounts that you don’t soon forget. I realized then that it’s these kinds of stories, told by all of us, that needed to be shared. In a way, PNN is a result of that feeling,” said Elliot.