Google in video talks with media biggies

The New York Times reported that Google is working with Dow Jones, Conde Nast, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other large content companies to syndicate their video content on other Web sites.

The videos appear inside Google ad boxes on sites that are relevant to the content of the videos and advertisements run during or after the content. There are already video ad networks that make similar deals, and NBC Universal is attempting something similar, the report said.

On the same note, Google and the NBA are currently conducting a test to syndicate NBA video content across Google’s AdSense network, adding to the growing list of content providers sharing engaging, relevant material with participating publishers. As part of this test publishers small and large, cutting across a variety of categories, will receive syndicated clips of top-flight NBA action.

NBA and YouTube challenge fans to post best basketball move

YouTube and the National Basketball Association announced the launch of “Post Up the NBA” on the new “NBA Channel” on YouTube. The new channel will provide fans around the world and the entire YouTube community with the opportunity to submit video clips of their best basketball moves, and access original NBA content throughout the remainder of the 2006-07 NBA season.

Beginning today, NBA fans are encouraged to upload their “best moves” to the site and rate other videos posted by fans. The top “Post Up the NBA” videos submitted will be selected and compiled into a special weekly highlight reel “NBA Top 10 on YouTube” that will be featured on the “NBA Channel.” [Read more…]

blinkx partners with Surfing Magazine

blinkx, a video search engine, announced its partnership with Surfing Magazine, the premiere source for surfing related news and content. blinkx will index Surfing Magazine’s news, photography and video content and make it easily searchable.

“We are excited to partner with blinkx to offer users a superior online video experience,” said Ross Garrett, Publisher, Surfing Magazine. “With blinkx’s powerful search technology, users can find surf-related content that is readily accessible and intuitively organized.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Surfing Magazine,” said Suranga Chandratillake, CTO and founder of blinkx. “Through this partnership, our users will be able to find the best surfing-related content on the Web.”

BitTorrent launches BitTorrent Entertainment Network

BitTorrent today announced the launch of the BitTorrent Entertainment Network at The new network features the most comprehensive library of downloadable digital entertainment ever amassed on the Web, including content from 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and BitTorrent’s newest partner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. (MGM). The BitTorrent community will have the flexibility to rent movies, purchase television shows and music videos, and even publish and share their own high-quality content to be displayed alongside titles from the world’s largest studios.

“The BitTorrent Entertainment Network is created by and for the BitTorrent Generation, which has a vast appetite for high-quality, on-demand entertainment,” said Ashwin Navin, President and Co-founder of BitTorrent. [Read more…]

IRS Wants eBay to Disclose User Earnings For Tax Purposes

Nate Anderson of Arstechnica reports that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is planning to require auction site eBay to disclose how much money its individual sellers make in a year. This is to ensure that those who make significant amounts of money off eBay transactions correctly report these in their tax statements, and therefore pay the corresponding income taxes. Government estimates that this move will rake in as much as $2 billion annually–not a paltry amount. [Read more…]

YouTube defies MTV pull down effect

Viacom earlier this month demanded that YouTube pull down all of its video clips after they failed to reach an agreement. About 100,000 video clips from Viamcom-owned properties including MTV Networks and BET has been removed. Viacom said its pirated programs on YouTube generate about 1.2 billion video streams.

Despite this, however, YouTube traffic still went up by 14% since the Viacom takedown order, according to LeAnn Prescott, Research Director of Hitwise. The increase was recorded between the weeks ending February 3 and february 17. Its average weekly traffic is also up by 7%. Here is Prescott’s full blog post.

Can Brands Really Compete As Content Creators?


Sure, Dove captured everyone’s attention with its Evolution “viral” video, which, like a good old-fashioned expose, revealed the manipulation behind images of “beauty.” This trend of brands creating content for the web dates back to the short films that BMW commissioned in 2001 and 2002 (and I’m sure further back than that, depending on how you define the trend).

Now that every brand is jumping on the bandwagon to be a content creator to compete in the intensifying war over consumer attention, you have to wonder whether brands can really compete as content creators, lodged between traditional “professional” content creators and the newly empowered army of “users” generating content.
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European Countries Seek to Curb Online Anonymity

In an effort to aid the investigation of crimes and terrorist attacks, some European countries are proposing to outlaw the use of phony information in opening email accounts or setting up websites. AP reports that the German and Dutch governments have started to create legislation that would make it illegal to provide false information to ISPs when signing up for email addresses. These laws would also require telephone companies to save detailed information on customer usage. [Read more…]

Blog Entry Ruins Outdoorsman’s Career

For those not interested in hunting or the ongoing debate around the Second Amendment in the United States (the right to bear arms), you may have missed a blogging related tidbit that surfaced about a week ago.

The story is detailed in a write up at the Washington Post, but it looks like career outdoorsman and hunter Jim Zumbo recently opined in a February 16th blog entry about the utility of assault rifles in the sport of hunting and the lack thereof — and called them weapons for terrorists.

As hunters, we don’t need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them. . . . I’ll go so far as to call them ‘terrorist’ rifles.

This resulted in a blog swarm and backlash the likes of which has been rarely seen in the Tech community short of an expensive and much criticized new console being released by Sony.

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