MyBlogLog Reinstates Shoemoney

You may or may not have heard that MyBlogLog has been the recent target of hacks and exploits, the most recent of which involves spoofing your cookies so that you could impersonate other bloggers.  Unfortunately, the publishing of how to do this *and* the publishing of other folks cookie ID #’s (such as Darren Rowse, or TechCrunch) led to popular blogger and SEO jester Shoemoney to get banned at MyBlogLog.

After a brief period of public outcry, Eric “I’m your first friend” Marcoullier of MyBlogLog has re-instated Shoemoney.  Turns out that they banned him not only because he published other folks cookie ID’s, but also for another reason:

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What Digg’s UnBanning Doesn’t Address

Digg has recently unbanned a host of domains, and a list of them can be found over at at ProNet Advertising. But what does this mean? Mike Arrington had a chat with Kevin Rose, and he surmises its because Digg is getting “better” at preventing grouping behaviour. That is —

The changes they’ve made to Digg over the last few months, Rose says, allow them to monitor grouping behavior and stop it before it can drive a story to the home page. Thus, there is no real need to ban any particular site from Digg. They are confident that if a story from a previously banned site makes it to the home page, it deserves to be there.

I’ve been following this sort of phenomenon at Digg with a keen interest for some time. Kevin Rose has made a good move in addressing the banning process. But there’s one thing it doesn’t address.

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Minic Rivera Joins The Blog Herald!

As astute Blog Herald watchers may have already picked up, Minic Rivera has joined the Blog Herald as a daily writer. Minic has previously worked as a reporter and research editor for a major newspaper in Manilla, Philippines. But to the blogosphere, he may be more well known for his blogging efforts at The Blogging Times, where he worked as the chief editor and writer. Currently, Minic also blogs at Webby Reporter (

Welcome aboard, Minic!

WPNI bags Lufthansa as first sponsor

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI), the online publishing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, today announced that Lufthansa, one of the world’s leading airlines, has signed on as the inaugural advertiser for travel blogs in WPNI’s Sponsored Blogroll program.

The Blogroll program is a unique advertising network that makes it easy for advertisers to buy standard ad units on individual blogs or across different categories of blogs.

“As one of the world’s most innovative airlines, we are especially pleased with the opportunity WPNI’s Blogroll presents to reach the young, affluent audience that participates in the blogosphere,” said Marcus Casey, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations for Lufthansa.

We can only hope that this service from WPNI flies like Lufthansa.

Are You Following Your Blogging Instincts?

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger invited 12 year old blogger David Wilkinson from Techzi to guest blog. If you haven’t read “How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog – The Advice of a 12 Year Old” by David Wilkinson, go read it.

…my last tip is probably what has brought me the large majority of my visitors, both loyal and one-off traffic hoppers. Differentiate yourself, do something different. Be daring, be random! Try something wild, or something completely unheard of, whether it’s outrageous, or greatly beneficial to the reader. Sometimes, even beneficial to the writer! Mad things work out great sometimes, other times, they really can lower your reputation, so it’s time to take calculated risks here.

My advice? Follow your instincts. Be an entrepreneur. Take that risk. Make it happen.

David Wilkinson came to blogging fame not long ago when he offered a challenge to the blogosphere to help him cover his blog’s expenses and set up his own domain and hosted site, a major goal for a 12 year old and his buddies. They’ve made their goal and now are building on their dream to create a place for themselves in Internet Marketing and blogging.

What were you doing when you were 12? Were you changing the world around you and slicing out your own path? Or following in the footsteps along a worn path?

Now that you are…um…older… are you slicing through the forest or walking the worn path with your blogging? Have you jumped off any cliffs lately? Swam with sharks?

David’s enthusiasm and outright honesty is endearing and charming, but it is a lesson we all can learn from.

So ask yourself: Are you following your blogging instincts?

Lorelle VanFossen blogs about blogging and WordPress on .

MySpace for Marketers, Facebook for PR

The other night, I was hanging out with a couple of friends who I hadn’t seen in almost ten years. We went to school together a very long time ago, in a city far from here. Talking to these friends of mine, it occurred to me that something pretty special brought us together: social networking.

As a PR practitioner, I want stay on top of the latest everything. From Britney’s breakdown to business buyouts, it’s important to be trivial. A few years ago, before PR was even a realistic career move, I got into social networking. At first things were lonely. Really lonely. As others can understand, it’s only fun to be in early on something when other people discover that something and it becomes popular. That most certainly applies to the only two social networking sites that matter, Facebook and MySpace. [Read more…]

DivX launches online video festival on Stage6

DivX, Inc. announced the launch of DivX Film Festival, an online video festival devoted to creativity, storytelling and improving digital media. It is the first of its kind in Stage6, an online video sharing community, owned by DivX.

Filmmakers may submit their DivX video entries in an array of genres, including animation, comedy, documentary, fiction and music. The final deadline for submissions is April 30, 2007. Prizes range from DivX Certified hardware and software bundles to US $5,000 cash, including a top of the line DivX Ultra Certified DVD player and digital camera that records DivX video.

“The DivX Film Festival empowers filmmakers to share their work in the highest level of visual quality with other movie aficionados from all over the world,” said Darrius Thompson, CXO, Community and Internet, DivX, Inc. “We are excited to host this festival on Stage6, as we continue our mission to help content creators grow communities around their own unique brands.”

What Should You Remove Or Add On Your Blog?

Everton Blair of Connected Internet asked an important question of his readers:

What features would you like me to add or remove from this blog?

When was the last time you asked for such input from your readers?

In an article about listening to your readers, I mentioned the huge risk BCC News’ Newssnight took asking readers for input on their web design.

Hundreds of people responded. Some of them were very tough…and informative. What surprised me the most from among the volume of comments was the very high level of technical web design savvy…Overall, there was little discussion about the site’s content or how pretty the design looked, or how much they liked the colors. It was totally about “get me what I want with the least amount of effort on my part, do it right, and get it to me now”.

It’s risky to ask our readers for input. We might get some. Still, it’s important to step back and get a new perspective of our blogs by those who use our blogs. [Read more…]

Shiny’s annual gadget awards: LG scores a hatrick


The Oscars of the gadget world, the Shiny Awards 2007, hosted in London last night by Shiny Media, and attended by many high profile British journalists and bloggers, saw LG’s mobile phones clean up with two wins and a runner-up spot.

Shiny Media also teamed up with European blog networks (Italy), Weblogs SL (Spain), Creative Weblogging (Germany), and Journal du Geek (France), asking their readers to vote on the best European gadget.

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For Every Relationship Blogger a Different Style


It’s still February, The Valentine’s roses have drooped and died. The relationship bloggers are plenty tired of cabin fever. One bunch of us got together and started planning an event in May, to chase away the blues of the February gray skies.

Phil Gerbyshak, Mike Sansone and I, Liz Strauss, — we’re all relationship bloggers. Yet, if you watch us interact, you’ll see that we each do several things differently. [Read more…]