BlogFlux Introduces Uptime Tracker

Not all bloggers can afford to run a dedicated server or have a hosting company run an entire box just for them (unless you’re the Blog Herald, maybe). So most of us either go for shared hosting or free blogging services. In terms of uptime some are more reliable than others. If you want to know how reliable your blog’s host is, you might find the Uptime Tracker tool by Blog Flux useful.

In order to help bloggers know how good their host is, we have created the Blog Flux Uptime Tracker. Our Uptime Tracker checks to see if your website is online once every 60 minutes (for Blog Flux Pro users, it checks every 10 minutes). We then tell you your uptime for the past week, month, quarter, year, and lifetime. We use 23 different servers located around the world to make sure you are accessible everywhere.


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    Thanks for introducing an excellent site for bloggers in BlogFlux. I’d not heard of it til tonight, and the tools including the one mentioned in your blog are very useful for bloggers.


  1. […] Legal Mar 28, 2007 at 3:21 am by J. Angelo Racoma – I would say the answer should be no. But some people think otherwise. Earlier this month, BlogFlux launched its uptime tracker, which was intended for bloggers to monitor their blog hosts’ uptime. Apparently, hosting company felt that this was tantamount to an invasion of, or an attack on, their servers. They sent BlogFlux a cease and desist letter, as Ahmed cites at Tech Soapbox. The latest one (in a long line of bizarre ones) comes from Yet another web hosting company out there (with what has to be one of the ugliest designs out there) sent us a nice little letter threatening to sue us. It was boilerplate: We are from XX, how dare you track us and attack our servers, cease or we will sue.’ […]