Hostgator buys CSSVault for $100k

Design directory, CSSVault, has reportedy been sold to HostGator, a leading webhosting company. Ahmed broke the news at techsoapbox:

While I helped facilitate this sale a while ago (and there was a bit of a ‘quiet period’ going on with it), the go ahead to go public with it is here.

CSSVault, the venerable CSS directory was sold by BloggyNetwork to HostGator Web Hosting for a smooth $100,000.

Revenue and traffic are not going to be disclosed, but lets say the strong brand and strong (actual, and not wishful) potential was a big reason HostGator purchased it.

CSSVault, a directory of cool design stuff, averages about 12,000-17,000 pageviews a day with over 5,000 unique visitors daily. But with a very rare natural PR9 domain the $100,000 price tag could probably be one of the largest sale of this kind.

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  1. says

    Just a few clarifications:

    1. The traffic data is old. *VERY* old

    2. I have an interview coming up soon, but the basic gist is that CSSVault will refer enough business within 3-4 years to make the acquisition worth it. It is the equivalent of buying out a super-affiliate.

    3. Interview soon with more details.

  2. says

    Mark, the site has been PR9 for over a year (you can check for the ‘major’ link). HostGator purchased the site (my mind may be playing slight fuzzy tricks here) roughly 2-4 months.