BlogCatalog adds social networking tools to boost readership

BlogCatalog recently added social networking tools to its blog directory aimed at boosting traffic and online connections among its 73,000 members. It’s a feature that would allow each other to connect, interact, share ideas and drive traffic towards each other.

“The feedback so far has been over the top. It’s very exciting to witness so many bloggers interacting, forming new connections and receiving increased traffic. Bloggers who have joined the BlogCatalog social network are now seeing 3 to 5 times more click throughs to their blogs,” says Angelica Alaniz, President of BlogCatalog.

Bloggers are not the only benefactors of BlogCatalog’s new social community, blog readers also benefit. According to Antony Berkman, head of BlogCatalog’s future vision group, “over 80% of BlogCatalog’s traffic comes from people searching the directory for interesting and useful blogs. For surfers looking for blog content, BlogCatalog’s social network acts as a filter or human search engine.”



  1. […] BlogCatalog has added some social networking tools to help its 70,000+ members communicate and find each other. BlogCatalog is one of the few directories that I think is run fairly well. As far as I know, however, they still require reciprocal links, which is why I don’t currently use them. I did have listed on there a while back, but their membership graphic loaded so darn slow. Maybe it is faster now? […]