Fusicles: New UK-centric article submission site launched

Filed as News on March 30, 2007 4:42 am

The concept of article submission sites isn’t new – they’ve been around for far longer than blogging officially has.

UK company Fusive think they’ve found a gap in the market, with the launch of a UK-friendly article submission site: fusicles.co.uk

It’s a free service available to anyone wanting to write original articles to be viewed, rated, reviewed, and syndicated. I know, that’s what they all do.

Katy Mills of Fusive says, “We have recently been looking at what services are available on the internet for individuals and businesses within the UK. We identified a number of opportunities where we could improve what is currently available internationally whilst introducing new features designed to provide maximum promotion opportunities for users. Fusicles.co.uk was developed because there are no obvious specialist UK article providers and with the growth in popularity of blogging and social networking we saw the opportunity to integrate these tools for the dual benefit of marketers and site owners.”

It’s a nicely laid out service, though I’m not convinced about the overall concept.

If you can write original articles, wouldn’t it be better to publish them on your own branded website, thus building up a name for yourself?

Though the back links from your article to your existing web site may be useful, there’s no telling where your article will end up, and you could end up being stung for duplicate content.

Added to that, the central submission site itself needs to be popular, otherwise your article won’t be viewed. Yes, it will be pushed out over RSS, but then so would the article if it was sitting on your own web site – a site that you are adding your own quality content to.

I submitted one or two articles to another directory but never really got into it. And yes, I have at times padded out my own blogs with articles from these sites, though in the ideal world I’d prefer to either write 100% of my own content, or get bespoke content either through a multiple authored blog or by striking individual deals with authors to get something unique.

What do you think of article submission sites? Who wins?


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