Blogging: When It Pays To Have Friends

You may have heard a little science blurb over the past weekend — something about fruits improving the antioxidant qualities of alcohol, or some such. What you didn’t know is that there was a blogging related to-do that came out of the whole thing, and it raised an interesting issue:

When does it pay to have friends?

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Reporting Blog Content Thieves

Reporting splogs through Google Adsense Ad Words

Want to know what I did over the weekend? Sure you do! It was fun. It was full of laughs. It was a thrill a moment. It was a weekend that I will remember a life time.

I spent the weekend hunting down, commenting, emailing, and reporting content thieves.

No, it was not fun. Nobody laughed. The only thrill came from reporting the evil doers. Unfortunately, the thrill was dampened with the overwhelming feeling that it will come to naught, even though Google and many web hosts like Blogger say they are taking splogs and copyright violations seriously. But that won’t stop me.

If you want to put an end to the rip off your content, report it.

Here’s why.

  1. One splog rips off content from many blogs, not just yours.
  2. Report for those who don’t know they’ve been ripped off.
  3. Report for those who do know but feel helpless in the face of so many.
  4. Report for those who think reporting is useless.
  5. Report for those who will be ripped off in the future as long as splogs continue to get away with it because no one reports them.
  6. Report because it is your right to protect your work.
  7. Report because splogs make thousands of dollars a year with your content.
  8. Report because it is your content. You worked hard on it. It’s your words. Own them. Let their power work for you, not someone else who did nothing and gains everything.

According to one source, a splog could make over USD $50,000 a year from your content. It’s your work working for them.

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Feedburner statistics control panel showing zero subscribers

Feedburner appears to be experiencing some problems this morning.

When I logged in to look at my subscriber counts this morning, the control panel showed them all at zero. So did the graphs.

However, the ‘chicklet’ still displayed yesterday’s subscriber levels (I don’t have it on every blog), but that’s not too surprising as it’s not updated in real time.

The feeds still appear to be updating with new content, so existing subscribers should be able to get hold of blog updates as usual. I don’t know if new subscribers are being added.

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Performancing Relaunches pMetrics and Offers Freebies for Reviewers

The Performancing team has announced that the pMetrics Blog Analytics service is back online after a short hiatus due to a server move.

pMetrics is a touted as a simple and clean, yet feature-rich, stats package specially targeted at bloggers. Ryan Caldwell highlighted the ability to see details at-a-glance (no digging down 4 to 5 pages down), a real-time “spy” analysis of user behavior, and even RSS feeds to let you display or monitor your stats in a variety of creative ways. [Read more…]

Blue chip advertisers on board with Joost launch

Joost, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service, announced that it has signed 32 leading companies from around the world as advertising launch partners. Talk about The Coca Cola Company, HP, Intel, Nike, Microsoft, Warner Bros, among others. The launch is expected this Spring.

“The industry response to Joost has been overwhelming, as is evidenced by the caliber of our launch partners,” said Nick Loria, senior vice president of global advertising, Joost. “Online video distribution is becoming an increasingly competitive medium for advertisers, and Joost delivers a distinct environment: the ability to micro-target audiences with new and unique ads during professionally-produced programming.”

“Joost has attracted partners from every major brand category because we offer an advertising platform that is similar to TV, with high-quality programming; and we’re providing unparalleled user statistics and insights, as well as an unmatched level of interactivity, targetability and measurability,” said David Clark, executive vice president of global advertising, Joost.

Who will be the next Internet millionaire?

Internet veteran and New York Times best-selling author, Joel Comm, announced auditions for his new web reality show, “The Next Internet Millionaire.”

Filming in July and August of this year and set to air worldwide for thirteen weeks in the fall, The Next Internet Millionaire will seek to find the best new entrepreneurial talent who will then be competing for a cash prize of $25,000 and an opportunity to partner with Joel Comm in a new joint venture that could generate millions of dollars. Oh I thought the winner will get a million… just an opportunity to generate a million. [Watch the promotional video]

Chief Chick launches Chickonomics Chat podcast for women

Chief Chick of Chickonomics, Lisa Orrell, this week launched her new podcast, Chickonomics Chat, the podcast designed for women. Every episode will include interviews with people on topics that impact women. Orrell’s guest line-up includes authors, women business leaders, women making an impact on society, women in politics, women in sports, women in entertainment and many more.

“I’ve really enjoyed hosting my other podcast, ‘Marketing Matters With M7,’ and now have subscribers spanning 6 countries,” explains Orrell. “But Chickonomics Chat has an even larger potential target audience so it’ll be exciting to watch it grow!”

Orrell describes Chickonomics Chat as a podcast version of talk-shows like “The View” or “The Oprah Show,” except that all topics she covers will be about, or directly impact, women. On every episode, Orrell will interview a guest on a specific topic that include: business, career, finances, parenting, sex, relationships, health, fitness, beauty, politics, current events, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, global issues/stories about women and more.

What Does Your Byline Say About Your and Your Blog?

What does your author credit or byline say about you and your blog? Have you thought about it?

The author credit or “byline” is the line featuring the author’s name on the post. It is usually found under the post title or in the post meta data section of a blog post.

In Lorelle is the Author of Lorelle on WordPress, I shared the shock of thinking of myself as an “author” on my blog for the first time:

Okay, so sometimes I’m ahead of the game keeping you informed of what is happening in the “now” of WordPress and blogging, but this is a thought I come late to the game with: You are a published author if you have a blog.

Did you make this “published” and “author” connection?

I’m a writer. I’ve published so many articles in so many mediums, I’ve lost count. I’ve also written books and have been dealing with book publishers on and off for years. But the thought that I’m the author of this blog, and the rest of my websites and blogs, caught me by surprise.

It also made me sit up and think about the responsibilities of being an author.

I still struggle with the label “author” on my blogs. I’m the writer, publisher, cook, chef, and bottle-washer, but author – ah, nope. That’s still a hard title for me to bear. But it is one of the labels used to define a blogger on their blog.

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How to give a good interview


It seems simple enough. Reporter contacts you for a quote or two to beef up an article he’s writing on a friend and business partner. All you need do is give the reporter your phone number and he’ll call you at an agreed time, you’ll have a friendly chat and he’ll try and draw something printable from your conversation.

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Are You Still Using a Guest Book?

As I was reviewing some out-of-date, faded-into-the-past style websites and blogs recently, I ran across some guest books. Are you still using a guest book on your blog?


In my mind, a guest book is a place where people can sign in and say hello. Right? Like you would have at a wedding, funeral, or special event. It’s a glorified sign up list. A formal sign up list. It keeps a record of all the attendees to a special event.

Thirty years from now you will pull the guest book out from under the bed, wipe off the dust bunnies breeding on it, and open it up and think back. “Oh, wow! Uncle Robert was there. You know he died ten years ago. Sad. And Aunt Bertha! She’s in the nursing home now. I need to go visit her. Where did the time go?” [Read more…]