Bloggerwave: another get-paid-to-blog site launches

One contentious issue is whether bloggers should get paid by companies to review their products and services, and how much disclosure they should give.

Sites like Review Me and PayPerPost are already up and running, and now a Danish company has set up a similar service that seems to be servicing European companies and bloggers.

Bloggerwave, from IQ Division, is an automated system which aims to match companies with bloggers who can write about their products and services, and hopefully improve their corporate identity and image.

Bloggers must disclose in any such article that they are reviewing it for money, and, subject to all requirements being met, are payed via Paypal after the post has remained on their blog for a minimum of 30 days.

Integrity and honesty are the key words that Bloggerwave seemingly want to emphasise, given the following text written to bloggers:

It would be best if a blogger passes on the opportunity to another when he/she does not feel right about the same, or does not own the product, or is dishonest.

Note: Integrity is integral to Bloggerwave and its customers. Deceit or posts that are completely irrelevant to the topic could surely damage one’s blog’s credibility. So, we here at Bloggerwave, strongly encourage bloggers to only take up opportunities that relate to them.

Wait. Are they suggesting that a blogger should pass on particular reviews if they feel that they’re going to be dishonest? I understand what they mean, but the wording amused me.

Bloggerwave is currently active in Denmark, Germany, and the UK, and seeks to expand into the rest of Europe.

You’ll have your own view on whether pay-per-post schemes are good for blogging or not, but as systems go, Bloggerwave seems to have potential. It will be interesting to see how many companies and bloggers take it up.


  1. […] An article at the Blog Herald also mentioned this new paid post site, but there was also no reference as it being a scam, but if you were to go over all the post in PPP’s Forum over the matter, I think you will indeed start to get a little lit edgy, but in my opinion, if scam mah scam lor. Most most i go and delete all the 2 post that I have written in all my blogs. Waste a little time oni what. If not scam leh? I stand to gain USD90. But dunno when they start paying lah. No TagsSubscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner […]