YPN now offering publishers payment via PayPal

Good news for any PayPal lovers who currently run, or are considering, Yahoo! Publisher Network ads on their blog: Yahoo has announced an option for publishers to have ad revenue paid directly into their PayPal account.

The threshold for receiving payments this way has been reduced from US$100 to US$50, though you may find that the benefit is cancelled out by PayPal’s own fees for withdrawing money.

It’s still very convenient if you live in a country not supported by direct deposit, and don’t want the delay, hassle, and charges associated with cashing checks. However, I was under the impression that YPN is still effectively unavailable to publishers outside the US. Maybe that’s changing, though their FAQ still states “At this time, US-based English and Spanish ad pages are both supported by the Yahoo! Publisher Network.”

I can’t see much advantage in US residents being payed via PayPal, unless they do a lot of online payments or are interested in some of PayPal’s other services.

(YPN Blog via ProBlogger)