Shiny Media launches four new UK-friendly blogs: reality TV, finance, festivals, travel

UK-based Shiny Media has launched four new blogs, all with a strong British flavour and usual blend of news, opinion, and humour (spot the Brit reporting this news and ‘misspelling’ two words!)

Available for Panto is Shiny’s take on the now global phenomenon of reality television. It focuses particularly on the current crop of UK fly-on-the-wall and popularity contest shows, including Any Dream Will Do (BBC’s search for a new ‘Joseph’ in the West End musical), X Factor, and Big Brother.

It’s the first Shiny blog to be sponsored from launch by a major company – in this case, Virgin Games.

Lost Weekend features “lads trips” – and is more likely to be found talking about stag weekends, football, and European music festivals, than romantic breaks. They’re currently running a competition with the first prize being an all expenses paid trip to see David Beckham’s debut for the LA Galaxy. is Shiny’s first financial blog. Though authoritative, it will also take a slightly quirky look at the likes of mortgages, shopping, and investing.

Finally, My Chemical Toilet focuses on the world of European music festivals, featuring news and opinion on the current crop of festivals, plus nostalgic glances at festivals of yesteryear.

Disclosure: I write regularly for several of Shiny Media’s blogs.



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