Oden, future NBA star, launches blog

Greg Oden, widely considered one of basketball’s greatest big man prospects, has launched his personal blog at Yardbarker.com. Oden, who earned All American honors as a freshman at Ohio State, will share his daily life experiences and answer questions from fans as he prepares for the 2007 NBA Draft as well as competes during the 2007-08 basketball season.

“The idea of connecting directly with fans made the Yardbarker opportunity very appealing to me,” Oden said. “No matter what happens in the draft I will be going through some dramatic changes in my life. I thought it would be fun to share those experiences with the fans and learn a little bit more about them too.”

Despite playing the 2006-07 season with an injured right hand, Oden established himself as the most dominant post player in college basketball, leading Ohio State to a 35-4 record, a Big Ten title and a berth in the national championship game. With his intimidating presence on defense, Oden has often been compared to Hall of Fame center Bill Russell.

“Greg Oden is pioneering the next wave of sports media,” Yardbarker Co-Founder Pete Vlastelica said. “The intimacy and sincerity of what he writes, and the access he gives his fans by actually responding to their comments, are unprecedented in professional sports. Greg is going to make it very difficult for anyone who reads his blog to root against him. We are very proud to be working with him.”

Blogathon Tips: Blogathon 2007 July 28

Blogathon logo

The annual Blogathon will be July 28, 2007. Are you ready?

The Blogathon is an annual event where bloggers around the world blog publish a blog post every 30 minutes for 24 hours and raise money for their favorite charities while they are blogging.

Blogathon logoLast year, Willos Web raised USD $7,737.00 for their charity. An Indian Summer was honored as the Best Non-Fiction Blog during the Blogathon for blogging about her cancer. So You Want to Murder a Racecar Driver… got a lot of attention and won the Best Fiction Writing for their blog mystery novel. The Best Food Blog in the Blogathon went to In The Kitchen With Moozie, showing you a little of the amazing diversity of all the different bloggers involved. This year, the number of blogging participants is expected to be bigger than ever.

I’ve helped out a lot of bloggers during past Blogathons, which resulted in How Not to Blog in a Blogathon Blog. So I thought I’d share some tips to help you prepare for this year’s Blogathon.
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WordPress Wednesday News: Webware 100 Winner, Plugins and Sandbox Theme Contest Rocks, WordCamp Count Down, and a Backwoods Search for WordPress Schwag

WordPress wins the Webware 100 Competition. The WordPress Plugins and Sandbox WordPress Theme Competitions are rocking. The count down to WordCamp is on and we’re planning on tracking Andy Skelton as he rides his motorcycle on a 7,000 mile trip to the weekend conference. WordPress 2.2.1 Release Candidate has been released. And a wild GPS, hiking adventure for WordPress goodies turns into a great outdoor adventure for many! The summer fun with WordPress silliness has just begun!
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Blogger Book Quest: GUST

Because not all books are created equal. We present a book by a blogger on the subject of blogging, writing, or business that is self-published or published by a small, independent publisher.

Gust Cover

Title: GUST: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics
Blogger/Author: Timothy L. Johnson
URL: Carpe Factum: Products
Get this Book: Gust Product Info at Amazon

Before I read the business fable, GUST, I knew that office politics existed. I had determined I couldn’t avoid or resist being part of the “body politic.” What I didn’t have was a clue about how it worked, nor had I really tried to make sense of it.

This book did both for me. Inside this book, you’ll find

  • Three key things people manipulate and fight over in organizations — Resouces, People, and Information
  • Three kinds of politicians, and how to handle each one
  • Six core motivations of political behavior
  • Uses (and misuses) of influence in an organization
  • Hows and whys of strategizing an appropriate response to a political situation
  • Considerations of timing, passion, and support into your political actions
  • Executives’ roles in influencing (and correcting) office politics
  • Assessments for determining how political your organization really is.

At times the story bends to fit the content. It needs to — no company is quite that dysfunctional all at once – AND that’s what gives this volume a place in my top drawer. Every office politician I’ve ever met is in it and Tim Johnson offers a way to handle each individual . . . um er . . . colleague’s needs with finesse. GUST is worth picking up. just for that.

Read this post for guidelines to submit your book for review.

Scottish children adopt blogging to aid study

Pupils at a primary school in the county of East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, are adopting blogging as a way of improving how they learn, and as a way of communicating with other schools around the United Kingdom and Europe.

They are involved in blogging, and creating podcasts, including recording themselves speaking French. It aids their learning as they are able to download their own audio files at home to listen again to their work.

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Internet gambling pioneer launches personal blog

Joining top executive bloggers such as Mark Cuban, Jonathan Schwartz, and David Sifry, Bodog Entertainment founder and noted billionaire Calvin Ayre launched his blog today at CalvinAyre.com.

The blog features loads of insider video content and Ayre’s musings on free enterprise, philanthropy, and the internet’s impact on global business. In candid form, Ayre offers commentary on developments in gaming, mixed martial arts, music and Bodog’s entire global entertainment business.

“Visitors to my new blog will find some pretty cool behind-the-scenes video with inside takes on the global leaders, celebrities, and beautiful women I meet,” says Ayre. “The Calvin Ayre MySpace Page has been so incredible I decided to start a more official blog to share my globetrotting adventures personally.”

Forbes Magazine dubs Ayre as someone who has gotten very rich by taking illegal bets over the internet.

Comparing Amazon.com’s Social Interaction with Blogs

Bokardo looks at how social Amazon.com in an attempt to explain much about the social interaction of the modern web.

Bokardo features the following social points on Amazon.com via a graphic image, categorized by me:

  1. Ratings
    • Product Ratings
    • Rate this item
  2. Recommendations
    • Tell a friend
    • Add to Wish/Registry
    • Tag this item
    • Help others find this item
    • Offsite Reviews
    • Listmania
  3. Related Content
    • People who bought this also bought…
    • People who viewed this ended up buying this…
  4. Blog Statistics
    • Amazon sales rank
  5. Contributions
    • Share Product Images
    • Submit a product manual
    • Customer Reviews
    • Customer Discussions
    • So you’d like to…
  6. Let’s see how these line up with the features, interactivity, and social activities of a blog.
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Protecting Images: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you post your pictures on the Web, odds are that you are already well aware of the challenges in protecting them. Without some measure of protection, anyone who visits your site can simply right click the image, do a “save as” and post it to their site.

Worse yet, many will not bother to save the image and, instead, will just copy the URL and paste it to their site. This not only plagiarizes your image, but robs you of your bandwidth and money.

But what is most frightening is that, unlike text plagiarism, image theft is not easily detected by search engines. As of right now, there is no free, easy and effective way to search for duplicates of your image should you want to check for plagiarism.

Given the amount of time and effort that can go into an image it is more important than ever to take precautions to ensure that the work does not get misused.

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Performancing Launches PhotoPress Theme

Each month, Performancing releases an über-cool free wordpress theme intended for bloggers who wish to make a statement. This June, you can make an even stronger statement with the latest PhotoPress theme for WordPress. As they say: a picture paints a thousand words.

Photopress theme

Have you ever wanted to display your pictures in a photoblog without sidebar uglification? Well, that was the motivation behind Photopress; a one column WordPress theme specifically designed for photoblogs. With Photopress you can display large 640px width images without any clutter; perfect for the 640×480 landscape standard.

If you want your photos to be front and center on your photo blog, with little interference from your WordPress theme, then Photopress is the theme for you.

PhotoPress is another project done in cooperation with Brian Gardner. You can see a live preview on the Performancing themes blog. Performancing also hosts the official support forum for PhotoPress here.