Google: Video Uploading Now Officially Included Within Blogger

Filed as General, News on August 24, 2007 6:53 pm

After previously allowing users to test out this feature “in draft” (note: Google’s way of saying beta without saying beta) it looks as if Blogger is now officially releasing video uploading to the rest of the blog*spot population.

(Blogger Buzz) Today we are releasing video uploading to Blogger! This feature allows you to upload videos and create a video podcast with the same ease that we currently provide with photo uploading.

When you go to the Blogger post editor, you’ll see a new button […] next to the image uploading one. Just select a video from your computer, wait a few minutes for the upload and processing to occur, and voila!

Blog*spot users will definitely enjoy this feature, as it will save them time uploading video’s through a third party (i.e. YouTube, IFILM, etc.) and will give non-geeks a user friendly way of turning their weblogs into vodcasts.

Although the feature is obviously powered by Google Video, video’s uploaded to the weblogs will not appear on Google Video. Google is also giving users an unlimited amount of video uploading space, (which is odd as they limit your image space), although users will only be able to upload flicks no greater than 100 mb.

With Blogger eager to regain some lost territory to rival competitors (such as WordPress and SixApart), it will be interesting to see how this new feature changes the overall blog software industry (at least among the easily affordable platforms).

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