The World’s Oldest Blogger Is Actually …

While I thought that Donald Crowdis, a blogger living out of Toronto, aged 92, was the oldest blogger in the world, this isn’t actually so.  Rather, perhaps it should be addended that Mr. Crowdis is probably the world’s oldest blogger who continues to type for himself [although he hasn’t written a post in quite a few months due to family issues].

No, I recently discovered that there is an even *more* senior blogger living in Australia by the name of Olive Riley, who probably should be crowned as the world’s oldest blogger.  Mrs Riley, who is 108 years old, doesn’t quite write herself, but blogs with the help of a friend, Mike Rubbo.  And has been doing so for several months now.

In fact, its an awesome example of “elderblogging”, where she reminisces about things she did in her younger days, coupled with pictures *and* video.  One example is of her going to a bar that is actually older than her with Mike, talking about how they enjoyed a plate of oysters, how some local Australian mainstream media types don’t consider her a real blogger because she doesn’t actually type, and fielding a call from Jay Leno to appear on the tonight show.

Blogging doesn’t get any better more honest and fresh than this.  I got a kick out of it and I think you might too, so check out Mrs. Riley and ask yourself — does she *look* like she’s 108?

[via: Time Goes By]

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    Just because she doesn’t type herself, doesn’t mean she isn’t blogging. If someone isn’t capable of typing, but can have some transcribe for her… go for it.

    Nice to see a 108 year old in the community! :)

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    Please visit Maria Amelia’s blog. She is 95 years old but her blog is not only devoted to family or remembrances, but also to keen observations of the Spain of today. She is a celebrity, with lots of world wide media attention.

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    She died today at the age of 108.
    Her story encourages me to continue blogging. I hve started a blog to really highlight the accomplishments of african americans in Missouri, but I really feel that my voice needs to be heard more. She has inspired me. Sadly, I am not able to get to her blog today because they either took it down or the bandwidth has overwhelmed their servers.
    But thanks for telling her story here.
    My blog is


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