What Does It Really Take to Blog?

In preparation for a seminar I’ll be presenting on the basics of blogging, defining what a blog is and why people should blog, the program coordinator asked me:

What does it really take to blog?

I wasn’t sure what she was asking me. Did she want to know what technical skills and abilities it took to blog? Did a person have to learn code and web design? Was she challenging me about the learning curve that comes with blogging?

Or was she asking me what it took to write a blog, finding and researching content, and providing a constant stream of posts on a blog?

Was it about the comments and communications aspect, overcoming fears and concerns about confronting strangers with your ideas and thoughts, then responding to them?

Or did she really want to know what it takes spiritually, psychologically, and philosophically to blog?

It was a good question, and as usual, I had more questions than answers for her.

So I thought I’d ask you.

What does it really take to blog?

Is it all of these things or less? Or maybe more?


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    It takes time, knowledge and the passion to share with others. Not everyone can blog. Only those who know how to write and how to beat his competitors in the blog niche.

    That’s why bloggers should read a lot of material on blogging. All the time.

    Overall: time, knowledge, know-how and the passion of sharing with others.

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    I’d say:

    (a) Passion — because there’s no better expression :)
    (b) Enthusiasm — without it, you wouldn’t even move your rear :)
    (c) Time — You can have lots of ideas but if you don’t have the time to research and write, your posts remain as drafts (gulps!)

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    What does it take to blog? An internet connection and a blog. There, you’ve blogged.

    What does it take to blog effectively, and what does effectively mean to you?

    What does it take to blog something worthwhile, and what is worthwhile?

    More questions…


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