Mark Cuban’s Blog Powering “Dancing With Stars” Success?

Fans of the American version of Dancing With The Stars, might be puzzled as to why one of the contestants, Mark Cuban, continually avoids the jaws of defeat week after week.  Well, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks also happens to be a prolific blogger, staying true to his geeky roots (he sold to Yahoo as the source of his McScrooge-like billions).

And it so happens that in addition to his notoriety as an “involved” owner of a professional basketball team, Mark Cuban is *also* using his very public blog to rally votes towards his continued survival.

As I told every entertainment and news show that interviewed us after the show and this morning, the support of people who read this blog, the support of the many bloggers who got behind Kym and I and the Facebook and Myspace nations and networks that rallied behind us are what kept us alive on the show.

The Nerd Herd was in full effect. This was truly an internet showing and I cant thank everyone enough and I truly hope we earn the same level of support next week.

While every contestant on your favourite public-can-vote reality show probably does round up their own niche of fans, I think this is probably the first time a blogging “personality” has used the power of blogging and social media to boost his efforts.

We may never know how much of a contribution his blogging / Facebook / MySpace fans have made to his continued success on the show, but if his ongoing dancing skills are any indication, it will need to be momentous.


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    Would you happen to know what he uses to blog? A look at his source shows no generator tag.

    I’m organizing a WordCamp in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and his name has come up as a possible speaker, but I have reservations about inviting someone who uses Expression Engine or whatever to a WordPress-related event.

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    Hey Charles,

    If you look on the right of Mark Cuban’s blog, it says “powered by BlogSmith”.

    BlogSmith is the same engine that powers all of the Weblogs blogs, such as Engadget and so on, all of which was picked up by AOL a few years ago.


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    Mark Cuban knows what he is doing.He did’nt become a billionaire for nothing.Just goes to show you how powerful the internet/blogs can be.”Nerd herd was in full effect ” , I liked that alot.

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