Shiny Media gives its tech, fashion, sports sites a makeover

Over the past couple of months, Shiny Media has been rolling out a new, slick design across a number of its technology, fashion, and sports sites.

They all now feature slick new headers, cleaner layout, and more prominent access to the most popular stories, email and RSS feed subscriptions. In addition, the sites feel a lot more “connected” together, with header links to other sites in the same subject area, drop-down menus to different channels, plus the latest headlines from selected blogs across the whole network at the bottom of each page.

In addition, the technology sites (Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny being the largest) now prominently feature Shiny’s self-hosted video player, offering up “Shiny Tech TV”, a collection of tech and gadget reviews, previews, live product launches, and opinion.

(Disclosure: Andy writes for several of Shiny Media’s technology sites)


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