Reaching Out To Bring Back More to Your Blog

Filed as Features on October 13, 2007 9:58 pm

Mohsin of Blogging Bits writes in 5 Sources That Brought Me Tons Of Visitors about the different methods that have brought him success from outside of his blog to his blog.

At the end of the post, he shares this great summary of the lessons learned:

Again, the best part of the traffic coming from related blogs is that those visitors are interested in my content. It’s up to me if I can retain their interest long enough to convert them into regular readers.

…Every new visitor on a new blog brings with him tons of new hopes for the blogger, and helps shape the future of the blog.

…Don’t be afraid to link out to others, participate in contests, volunteer to post on other blogs, and make contacts in the social media world. You have to do all this to survive, if not to succeed.

Sometimes we are so concerned about linking to sources to help further educate and enlighten our readers that we forget that links are communication, connections between the blogs, and those links are a two way street.

Links, trackbacks, pingbacks, incoming links, they all connect each blog to others, inviting visits and exchanges of information.

Don’t fear links. If you are a fan of “reaching out”, try linking out and see what happens. Leave brilliant comments on other blogs. Guest blog. Participate in blog carnivals, memes, and linkfests. Attend workshops, conferences, and meetups. Get to know the bloggers in your industry as well as in your neighborhood.

Find ways to make connections from beyond your blog that bring readers to your blog. There are so many ways to do this. We now know what has worked for Mohsin. What has worked for you?

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  1. By Valeria Maltoni posted on October 15, 2007 at 12:37 am
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    Feature other bloggers in your blog — interviews, conversations, write ups about their work/business, etc. Don’t be afraid to share the stage ;-)


  2. By Steve M posted on October 15, 2007 at 5:45 am
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    The more of your own wisdom and personality that you share (both on your site, and visiting others sites) then the better your blog will go


  3. By Be Beautiful posted on October 17, 2007 at 12:38 am
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    Comment, comment, comment. Commenting on other’s sites gets you connected to the rest of the community and it gets new readers connected to you as part of that community.


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