b5media hosting additional teaching day at BlogWorld Expo

Darren Rowse has reported that blog network b5media will be holding a day of teaching before the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas officially kicks off.

The schedule on 7th November is as follows:

0915-1000: “How to Use Digg to Assplode Your Blog” – Brian Clark/Aaron Brazell
1015-1100: “Thriving as a B-List Blogger” – Jeremy Wright/Allen Stern
1115-1145: “Creating a Powerblogging Toolset” – Marshall Kirkpatrick/Tris Hussey
1200-1230: “Amping Up Your WordPress Blog” – Brian Layman/Mark Jaquith
1430-1515: “Survival Tips for Network Bloggers” – Leora Zellman/Mary Jo Manzanares
1530-1615: “Creating Conversations With Your Readers” – Alex Hillman/Jake McKee
1700-1800: Private update session for b5media staff and bloggers

I’m intrigued about “assploding” my blog – I think there’s an in-joke there I’m not familiar with.

The day is free to anyone attending the Expo.


  1. TKK says

    Where will all this b5 stuff be held? And hey, thanks for telling us at the last minute after all the reservations are made.

  2. John says

    Rather appropriate that Jeremy Wright and Allen Stern are doing the B List Session, although C, D or E list might have fitted better.


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