Where Do You Leave Your Comments?

When bloggers are quoting other bloggers and you want to comment on the issue, where do you leave your comment?

There are three different options:

  1. Comment on the the original post
  2. Comment on the post that quoted the original post
  3. Start a new post and use trackback/pingback to notify the other two posts

Which one do you choose?

This question was prompted by the following situation: Lorelle VanFossen recently quoted from a blog post from Liz Strauss who quoted from an e-mail conversation with Eric Eggertson. This is the original quote

When there’s a lot of discussion in the comments of a post, or if there’s some critical info added in the comments, create a short post quoting the most relevant info and pointing people to the contents of the prior post. This isn’t cheating. It actually really helps people who subscribe via e-mail or RSS, as they may not be aware of what’s being said in the comments.

This quote is now moving from one blog to the other, so where do I comment? While all the blogs quote the same paragraph, they all add their own opinion. While the quote does not change, the context of the quote does change.

Lorelle added to the conversation by making the great observation that

The post helped me understand that while comments are contents, feed readers are missing out on the conversation.

No matter if I comment on the original blog post or on the blog post that quotes, feed readers will most likely not be aware of this comment. Comments are indeed part of the content but most blog software separates comments from the blog post by supplying a separate comment feed.

While it depends on the context where it is most suitable to comment, writing a new blog post never hurts. Not only do you add to the conversation, you also point your feed readers to the ongoing conversation.

What is your preferred place and method to leave comments? Leave a comment, or link us with a new post.


  1. says

    It depends… If I want to tell something related to the original post, O comment there. If I find out I can add something useful to the thread at the quoted post, I’ll do it at that place.

  2. says

    This idea has been rattling around in my head for a long time, so thank you for giving it the clarity that I just couldn’t find.

    Keeping up with the blog conversation is like following a jumping frog across the pond, though the brambles, and in and out of the trees. It’s easy to get distracted and lose the path, yet, the chase is often part of the fun.

    Personally, I leave the comment where the comment does the most good. Not for attention, but in response to the blog post and commenters, participating in that moment. If it is REALLY good, I turn it into a blog post – but herein lies the conflict for me.

    I don’t necessarily want people commenting on my referencing blog post. I want them to follow the links to where the real action is. Participate there. Maybe those of us who what to encourage the conversation on the blog post that started it all have to be more specific with our directions.

    A lot to think about. Thanks again for being the leader in clear thought. :D

  3. says

    I would guess it depends (but, then, I have just about zero experience blogging). If you really have enough substance to add that it deserves a post of its own, then creating a new post makes sense.

    As for solving the problem that you’re then forking the discussion: on the blogging platform I use (WordPress), you can disable commenting on a per-post basis. By disabling commenting on your post you prevent a real fork, forcing your readers to go and see the original conversation.

    I realise that is a bit artificial, but can’t think of a better solution…?

  4. says

    Although I dont build blogs I do build websites, is it possible within blog software to have 2 columns of the same comments i.e. latest post on left and first posts to comments within right column with the original post above it?

  5. Ernesto says


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  6. Scott Howard says

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  7. says

    If my comment regards the original post, I quote on that.

    If mycomment regards the opinions of another commenter, I comment on his post.

    If a post has got too long I might start a new post with links to the original.

  8. Jessica says

    I’m a huge fan of commenting. Way to go! I think that if people are going to take the time to read your whole post and then they should contribute to the conversation. I comment because I like the stuff people write so whether it’s an original post or not it doesn’t make a difference to me :-)

  9. David Andrew Paton says

    I too am a huge fan of commenting. However, I tend to comment on something completely unrelated to the topic at hand in my response. This is invariably because I am very, very drunk at the time of commenting, and I forget what the original post was pertaining to.

    More often than not I end up mentioning my genitalia in one context or another.

  10. asdhasd says

    I would guess it depends (but, then, I have just about zero experience blogging). If you really have enough substance to add that it deserves a post of its own, then creating a new post makes sense.
    [email protected]
    As for solving the problem that you’re then forking the discussion: on the blogging platform I use (WordPress), you can disable commenting on a per-post basis. By disabling commenting on your post you prevent a real fork, forcing your readers to go and see the original conversation.
    [email protected]
    I realise that is a bit artificial, but can’t think of a better solution…?

  11. says

    I think you should comment on the original blog only. Going from blog to blog is time consuming for once and it will most definitely not help you accurately express you thought with the same sharpness, as you’ll end up finding it hard to concentrate when reading other comments, analysing other thoughts, etc…It’s much better to say what you have to say on one comment and start a new one if there is anything new that you’d like to add to the original post.

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  16. says

    Your always going to get some important comments that are missed and left unread, thats just the way it is when there are so many comments being left.

    I say just enjoy the ones that are there.

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  18. says

    I comment if i like the post then it don’t matter to
    1. Comment on the the original post
    2. Comment on the post that quoted the original post
    3. Start a new post and use trackback/pingback to notify the other two posts

    But generally i post at original post as s/he is right person who deserve the genuine comment about his writing to get or keep motivated for more good postings.

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  24. says

    I choose option #1, I would comment to the original post. Of course, the responding comments form a thread of many different comments to the original post but that can eventually lead to off topic comments from the original post.

    So, just to keep with being on topic and relevant to the original post, I choose to comment there. It certainly helps to keep everything relevant there!

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