Don’t Blog Like Fidel Castro

Times Online has an interesting take on blogging, specifically when it comes to the personal Weblog of the soon-to-be-retired “president” of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Bloggers know that one of the risks is inadvertently to expose too much about themselves. And Fidel was not immune: he too revealed a lot in his postings, often through omission. Indeed, his postings are as informative for what they skip as for what they include.

That is a question that all bloggers should be asking themselves: Are the things I’m leaving out of my blog more revealing than what I am including?

This particularly applies to corporate bloggers and niche bloggers who conveniently leave out references to their competitors – even when they are making international waves.

Reading a Pepsi blog without the mention of something good or bad about Coke is just silly. If the goal is greater transparency through a blog, actions speak louder than words. And sometimes the words you edit out are the ones that speak the loudest.

Don’t blog like Castro. Take a second look at your blog posts and make sure you’re sharing the whole story.


  1. says

    I have to disagree with the general premise behind this post.

    You can only win a marathon by running your own race. Or a 100m sprint. You lose a lot by looking around at the competition.

    Whatever you do, make it your best. :)

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