Blogging slow in Ireland, down to poor broadband and Irish reserve

Blogging may not be well-established in Ireland for two significant reasons. Firstly, the adoption of broadband is very low, and secondly, many in the Irish technology community are quite reserved.

Ireland is quite a well-developed technology hub in Europe, yet it can be quite difficult to arrange for a broadband Internet connection to the home. This is a major turn-off for anyone wanting to start a blog — after all, who wants to research and write a blog on dial-up?

A survey published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development placed Ireland in 22nd place in terms of national broadband penetration, well below the US, Japan, and Scandinavian countries.

Tom Raftery also believes that a lot of members of the Irish tech community are reserved in nature. Executives and companies tend not to publish their own blogs to anywhere near the same degree as those in the US do.

(Via CNet News)


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    I find these broadband facts very suprising. I agree that people are less likely to blog via a dial up connection, who would. But resting 22nd place in terms of national broadband penetration, does this include WiFi, mobile braodband and home broadband. I would be very suprised if it did, and therefore I would say its more of a cultural difference than technological barrier.

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