Four Israeli security staff allowed to write mundane blogs

In an unusual move, Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, has allowed four of its employees to blog anonymously about their work life.

All four bloggers appear to be involved in fairly administrative roles, with such fascinating snippets as, “You don’t stay at work unless you really have to. It’s rare for me to come home after 6.30pm,” and “I didn’t get a siren to put on my car and I too have to sit in traffic jams.”

Their identities are hidden behind silhouetted portraits, and they use just their initials.

The reason for allowing these blogs? To win over hi-tech recruits.

As the blogs are written in Hebrew, I can’t tell you if they get any more exciting, but it’s somewhat surprising for an agency so heavily involved in security to be sanctioning these blogs, even if they are vetted. (Via The Guardian)

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