Easiest Website Builder Ever?

Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, oh my!

These words might mean something to you, but they mean absolutely nothing to the tech-deaf layperson. Make room for WebNode, a quick and dirty way to build a Website or blog, relatively painlessly.

For folks who can’t be bothered with downloads and uploads, WebNode allows you to build a feature-rich Website using drag-and-drop functionality. After a free registration, users choose from several dozen customizable templates, and round out their online destination with series of gadgets and widgets.

I realize that most readers of this blog are far too sophisto for this type of site builder. However, if you’re like me, and often looking to get people off your back who want you to build them a blog, here’s your out. Using WebNode, even a third grader can accept Paypal payments and create an RSS feed.

Webmail, domain forwarding and basic statistics are among the add ons.

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  1. says

    I’ve been using wordpress for a long time now until I switched to joomla. I would also give Webnode a try, is there any video tutorial using this one?Would highly appreciate that, thanks a lot!

  2. Bob says

    I have been using pagebuzz.com which I think is the easiest site builder. I tried wordpress but it is too limited and really not designed for e-commerce. I will look into webnode but most of the things I have seen for us dummies really fall short on features.

  3. Tom says

    I found an easy and user oriented website builder called Mi Imagen Online, check out at http://www.miimagenonline.com

    They offer domain, hosting, non-limited space, an online web Editor, no installation or configuration, best practices oriented, and many other features like WebNode, however, it seems more easy to use.

    Is just another option !

  4. Nance says

    Webnode is great — however the problem is all content are stored on their server, is there some way I can download back all files to my own PC for backup purpose?

    Personally I used Dreamweaver for HTML, or A4Desk for building flash websites. This way all files are stored on my own PC, and I can upload the files to my own web host (or my client’s web host) account.

    I have tried WordPress and other CMS software, but in order to support them on client’s server, I often have to install for them the entire WordPress system first, which sometimes take longer time than building the website.

  5. says

    This is obviously one great post. Nice and wonderful article for putting it together and this article has very valuable information you post and provided here keep it up!”

  6. Karl says

    Hello. After reading this post, I tried to build my own website, by using WebNode. Sadly, it was a bit difficult to use.
    I then searched the web for another website builder and found this one.
    It is much more easier to use and also offers more features than WebNode. It’s an 4 easy steps DIY website. I recommend it to anyone who wants to build their own website in a matter of minutes.

  7. yammy says

    I agree with Karl. Webnode is not that great. There are install problems and the templates look very simple. This really belongs to the MySpace set. If you want to really do a business site and go pro, I do think you go with WordPress or even what Google has to offer. By the way, I’ve heard about Weebly, which I hear is good too.

  8. Curtis says

    Viviti.com is my fav builder. It is simple, but at the same time offers tons of flexibility. Webnode is just Ok. Didn’t really do it for me though.

  9. says

    Webnode is good bu there are many tools for website creation, that offer more features. One of the most powerfull is http://www.ucoz.com, the Number 1 Free Website Builder in Eastern Europe. Domain attachement, unlimited traffic and disk space, full control of HTML/CSS and much more, all available to the user with the free version.

  10. says

    Yes this is easiest to build website word press joomla but you need to full knowledge about it. we are very professional on this fields. I am most agree with you and your article very good mentioned.

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