John McCain’s Daughter Starts Blog

Filed as News on March 27, 2008 7:14 am

Meghan McCain’s blog is not your typical politico destination. Rather, it’s an insightful look at John McCain’s family, offering a glimpse at the life of a senior citizen making a run at the White House.

Comedian Bill Maher once joked (and I’m paraphrasing): “If Barack Obama is YouTube, John McCain is feeding tube.”, started by the Senator’s 23-year-old daughter, is designed to help debunk popular opinion that McCain is out of touch with young voters.

The blog states that its “musings and pop culture on the political trail.” But you won’t find opinions on policies in Iraq or battles over universal healthcare. Rather, you’ll just find candid behind-the-scenes stories and photos. Plus, you’ll find out what the potential first daughter is listening to on her iPod: The Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys, in case you were interested.

There are lots of videos too. Given that many voters base their decision on personality, the blog is one of the many Web tools that the candidates have employed so far during election ’08. Meghan isn’t polished and perfect, and never tries to be. And that’s exactly the goal.

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  1. By kenny hump posted on October 20, 2008 at 8:16 pm
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    Neither McCain nor Obama know nothing about health insurance. Companies are regulated an under the jurisdiction. The Bail Out Plan may help to some degree. Remember, it is a loan with payments to who may own the paper. That gets China and Saudia Arabia because they will buy up or treasury notes. We don’t pay, they come and get! Neither of these men know anything about economics. That spells trouble which ever the way we go. Just think: Obama, Peloisi, Harry Reid and Biden in power. That spells failure. Then if Obama and Biden should die we would have the first FEMALE PRESIDENT, NANCY PELOISI! It is interesting that we have ended up with the worst possible candidates to pick from, we let the good ones get away. Sara Palin is a breath of fresh air. I will take Palin and Huckeberry in whatever position they want.


  2. By John Coleman posted on October 21, 2008 at 9:57 pm
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    Wow..Susan Davis…I agree with your position on defending Bush about his stance on the war. I guess maybe it’s not some people’s fault for thinking Bush did the wrong thing, because they JUST DONT GET IT!!!
    If they think Bush is evil, maybe they should learn a little about other Presidents and Dictators and what some of them think about the USA.
    There are many (a few less now thx to Bush) terrorists in this World that are immensely powerful, their dream in life is to see that America is destroyed.
    Terrorist organizations grow at between 20 to 35% each year. Do the math on that one, not a pretty picture. They must be constantly taken care of, or they will surly take care of the US.
    They will never go away, they will always be around to haunt us.
    Leave them alone and see how they grow, become more sophisticated, one day, one may get their hands on a mini nuke, then everyone will be running around wondering why their Government didn’t save them. Too late at that point. Maybe if you see the classified reports only the President gets to see on what is going on in this world (from Generals, Admirals etc) then you could truly understand why he chose war. The UN was dragging its feet so George took the initiative and did what a great leader should do. He could of taken the Ghandi approach, but I don’t think it would work here either.
    Unfortunately for Bush, he cannot truly come out and tell the American people the real danger America is in, or all foriegn investors will pull out of the USA.

    As far as Iraq goes, half the population were employed by Saddam, and the other half were basically on their own, praying someone would get rid of their evil dictator. Now, they love having Democracy and they really love their new found freedom. I was fairly certain they wouldn’t find WOMD there, for if he had some, he had a great deal of time to bury them, they would not be found. But I think when you have over a million people murdered, someone needs to step in and give a hand. Would you like it if Saddam were your President?

    Bottom line is this, McCain understands this, Obama does not!!!!


  3. By Lori posted on October 27, 2008 at 8:04 pm
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    Is this what McCain wants as his legacy? A campaign built on hate, division and violence? America is supposed to be one nation, indivisible, under God. Instead we get Elisabeth’s 9-minute introduction where she snarkily refers to Americans who love this country as much as she does as “they” and “them.” We get Palin who incites crowds to yell “Kill him;” and “Terrorist!” while pelting the press with rocks.

    The RNC locked up their nomination early, while the DNC dragged on and on. You had months’ advantage to plan. Instead you build a campaign around fear and the country has lost decades of progress in tolerance and understanding. McCain, the hero, is going out as McCain the desperate man. You have time to fix this and win this. Denounce the hate and violence and do what you can to bring this country together again.


  4. By Jim G posted on October 30, 2008 at 9:41 pm
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    How many New Yorkers will look at the empty space left by the twin towers and vote for OBAMA. It is a sad day for America when so many will vote for the young glib tax and spend liberal who promises handouts to everyone, over tested war hero who wants to preserve the American way of life?

    You will be surprised how much damage Democrats can do in 4 years – the country may never recover.

    God Bless America – we’ll need it


  5. By John Coleman posted on October 31, 2008 at 7:17 pm
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    CHANGE!!!! How original for a running politician to have change as his main platform. That is spewed from every election I have ever witnessed.
    So what big change is Obama preaching?? A small tax and health care change? Both Obama’s and McCain’s changes have their pro’s and con’s..but I do believe McCain’s idea’s are the more sound of the 2.
    Oh Yeah, I have a sense that Obama and his team seem to be coming up with their ideas as they go along, they keep changing their ideas and adding some as they go along. McCain from what I gather has been working on these thoughts for a very long time. He really knows what needs to be done, and with Palin on his side with her proven record and ideas, they KNOW what changes really need to put in place. I don’t think many corrupt government workers will be voting for McCain, as that is what the McCain team plan on cleaning up, THAT is what needs to be done and that is new CHANGE!!!!! Along with many more great ideas for change they have and so little changes Obama is preaching…maybe Obama’s main platform should red:
    CHANGE- Implemented when we come up with something!!!!!
    Very Lame but a fact.

    If Obama get’s voted in as President, I will be on the safe side and enroll my kids in Muslim lessons as I think they will be needing them, give them a one up!!!! The free world may be in for a hell of a ride!!!!


  6. By Proud Army Wife and Brat posted on November 5, 2008 at 8:32 pm
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    I pray that just some of the new president elect’s promises come to light. However, I recall vividly who put us in this situation … I remember the fear for the military when Clinton was running, and my fears became a reality …military cutbacks …and during Katrina when people wanted to know where the military was they should have asked Bill!! When people want to know why the troops are tired and worn …ask Bill!!!

    Also, the mortgage crisis is Clinton’s lovechild as well …. when we can place blame accurately then we can understand that we have just re-elected the same leadership …. Obama has said that he will start appointing his people and some of Clinton’s Administration too!!

    Well, I hope that we aren’t buried …. change means CHANGE …not regression!! Change already if that is what you are saying you are going to do and let us support you so we can move forward ….

    Stop leaving the military child behind!!! Maybe we will finally find some assistance since Education is such a priority now! Oh thats right … a lot of other people have to sign off on that too …

    Stop asking the upper class people how to fix a problem …GUESS WHAT??? They don’t have the same disadvantages!!

    And if Iam the only feeling an uneasy military situation …. check out Russia!!! Do you feel a power play with our new president already?

    I only pray that our new president elect will recognize the importance of John McCain as a crucial component in the military affairs. He has dedicated his life to this country and his passion was even more apparent in his speech last night …that while we may not have him as a president that we are very blessed to have the continued sacrifice to this country of such a patriot. God Bless Him and His Family, and Sara Palin and Her Family. And God Bless Our New President Elect and VP Elect and their Families too … may they all serve our country well!


  7. By James Newland posted on November 6, 2008 at 2:59 pm
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    To John McCain

    You did not lose, America Lost.

    The loss was not your fault, it was primarily the media’s fault.

    I am sure we are in for change, I am afraid it will be for the worse.


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