Gillmor Gang Returns – and this time it’s on TechCrunch

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Jason Calacanis reported it first – but one of the original podcasts of tech heavyhitters is returning and will be hosted by TechCrunch. The podcast? The Gillmor Gang.

As a podcast fanatic (there is a reason that I got into podcasting after all), Gillmor Gang was one podcast that I usually listened to.

As Michael Arrington writes at TechCrunch:

Journalist Steve Gillmor was a podcasting pioneer – In 2004 he began recording conversations with leading tech pundits about the issues of the day and posting them on IT Conversations. The show, which he called the Gillmor Gang, was picked up by Podshow in 2005, but a legal dispute led to a breakup in 2006 and the shutting down of the show, despite its huge popularity.

Last year Steve brought the show back and simply uploaded the files to Facebook. Today, though, the ‘Gang is back for real.

One aspect I really enjoy about this type of podcast is that its essentially an open conversation about what’s happening in the technology world and blogosphere that week/day/month. The conversations were free-ranging – sometimes angry, sometimes perhaps not so engaging, but almost always interesting.


One aspect I really didn’t enjoy about this particular podcast is that its essentially an open conversation about what’s happening in the technology world and blogosphere that week/day/month. In other words, the conversations aren’t always that interesting…

It’s interesting to see how Steve Gillmor talks about how the show got its early start:

The Gillmor Gang came about as a result of a series of phone calls I had (and continue to have somewhat less frequently) with Jon Udell, where I kept wishing we could share what we were talking about with the rest of the community interested in these momentous applications of technology to extend ourselves in the virtual world. Like all conversations, there’s insight, anger, humor, boredom (Arrington bails at the 44 minute mark today), and above all else a sense that we’re dropping breadcrumbs for others to pick up and carry forward.

I wish them luck in the relaunch – and if you need a podcast producer for post-production, I’m available.


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  1. By Tim Williams posted on April 19, 2008 at 5:36 am
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    It is pretty sad that Podshow had to screw with the Gillmor Gang and turn it into a legal issue. Curry and his minions are a bunch of idiots.


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