Emersian on Limiting your Design, and a few comments on the current BH Design

Paul Scrivens, aka Scrivs, talked about limiting your design at his design blog Emersian.

As a part of that post, he talked about the current design of The Blog Herald:

Now let me say that I think BH has a beautiful aesthetic about it. However, without trying to read anything do a quick scan and scroll of the page and ask yourself what caught your eye? What were you inclined to clickthrough on? Now going back to look at the site let’s see what content is being offered to the reader on the homepage excluding any ads which take up a ton of space on their own.

Interesting thoughts considering that Thord is working on a redesign…

And a final thought from Scrivs’s post:

This constant struggle between achieving business objectives and making sure your audience gets everything possible out of a site without overwhelming them is one of the things that I love about design so much. it is one of the reasons that we have no problem redesigning so often to the enjoyment and dismay of our audience. Design never seems to be a finished product even when you reach the deadline. There never seems to be a 100%, but a constant struggle to maintain a 90% completeness.

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